Good relationships are built on a foundation of communication, connection and trust. This is especially true in business where your relationships with customers, partners and suppliers directly impact the bottom line and success of your company.

No one understands this better than Pramata, a commercial relationship operations company that focuses on helping clients identify ways they can maximize revenue, increase profitability and reduce risk in their business relationships. To do this, Pramata uses cloud-based commercial relationship management applications that rely on both its own private cloud and a variety of public clouds. But dealing with the multitude of information from various clouds became a challenge and Pramata needed a way to create a seamless, integrated interface for managing it all. Partnering with CenturyLink cloud experts, the company developed a state-of-the-art solution based on CenturyLink ® Cloud Application Manager in just under three months. In addition, they use CenturyLink® Managed Security Services to provide an effective system for dealing with attempted intrusions and protect against external security threats.

According to Praful Saklani, Pramata’s founder and CEO, one of the benefits of using Cloud Application Manager is that their IT team didn’t need to be dev ops experts in order to understand and use it. This meant they quickly got up to speed, greatly reducing the amount of training needed in order for them to begin implementing solutions. As a result, Pramata was able to optimize their cloud usage and reduced their cloud operation costs by 25 percent.

“It would have easily taken us a year to achieve that,” he says. “So, the time-to-market was a huge win as well as the fact that [CenturyLink] brought expertise and technology to the table that we didn’t have and that helped us to get there very quickly.”

In addition, Pramata implemented CenturyLink Managed Security Services to protect the clouds from external security threats and provide an effective system in a very sensitive data regulated environment leveraging log monitoring service and RiskSense.

In the video case study, you’ll hear how the technology directly impacts the bottom line of a cloud-based business.

“The growth we see ahead of us is tremendous and explosive,” Saklani explains. “That’s why we’re always focused on ensuring that our technologies are keeping up with the breakneck pace of growth and that’s one of the reasons why the CenturyLink partnership has been so productive for us – because it sets us up well – not just for now but for many years to come.”

At CenturyLink, we appreciate the value of good relationships and work hard with our customers, suppliers and partners to make sure we lay a solid foundation for success both today and in the future.

View Pramata’s video case study here.

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