As deaths from drug overdose intensifies, real-time prescription-tracking technology is offering local, state and federal governments new hope for stopping one of the early causes of the crisis — the over-prescribing, and diversion of opioid prescriptions — in its tracks.

CenturyLink and EagleForce have teamed up to offer big data healthcare analytics, applying real-time neural computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence methodologies to verification procedures that help doctors, pharmacists and drug manufacturers more accurately and efficiently identify, intervene, and curb prescription drug abuse and prevent medication-related problems, including potential adverse drug effects from other prescription medications.

An innovative solution

“CenturyLink is excited to work with EagleForce to offer government agencies the latest cutting-edge analytics that can save lives and significantly reduce prescription medication waste, fraud and abuse,” said Erich Sanchack, CenturyLink senior vice president and general manager, federal solutions.

The collaboration aims to help government agencies address waste, fraud and abuse issues around prescription drugs. The program enables U.S. retail pharmacies to conduct real-time benefit checks and identify patients across multiple healthcare systems to verify appropriate dispensation of medications and benefits.

The exclusive government sales and distribution agreement extends CenturyLink’s existing big data analytics services for the GSA IT Schedule 70 contract — the federal government’s largest and most widely used acquisition vehicle , which is available to state and local governments.

Real-time results

Through seamless integration and connection with CenturyLink’s secure, carrier-class network and cloud services, the EagleForce Attestation Center for Program Integrity (ACPI™) can perform a real-time audit of many government benefit processing systems, allowing pharmacists and healthcare providers to monitor the complete medication-processing life cycle. This automated processing of electronic prescriptions, along with automated intake and screening, improves prescription claims processing and helps reduce prescription drug waste, fraud and abuse.

Adding CenturyLink’s Real-Time Health Analytics powered by EagleForce™ to CenturyLink’s GSA IT Schedule 70 contract will make it easier for federal, state and local government agencies to quickly adopt the first real-time, nationwide monitoring system for opioids and other prescription medications.

EagleForce has established a connection to every retail pharmacy in the country for real-time benefit checks. These advanced analytics methodologies are designed to correctly identify patients across multiple healthcare systems, including the ability to cross-reference name and spelling variances across disparate electronic medical records and pharmacy systems.

Connect with CenturyLink

By supplying managed hosting, cybersecurity, cloud and IT services over its carrier-class network, CenturyLink provides government agencies with the security and reliability they need to carry out their important missions. Contact us to learn more about the program. Just another great reason why CenturyLink is currently ranked No. 35 on Washington Technology’s 2017 Top 100 list of federal government IT contractors.

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