Mathematical theory is almost always consistent. With all other variables, being equal, one plus one equals two. But what happens when you inject cloud, colocation, and high performance networking into the equation? Given this powerful combination, even the experts will acknowledge; One plus one ALWAYS equals three.

Immediacy and on-demand are the new normal. We operate in a world of real-time digital infrastructures, where customer intimacy is heightened, business decisions are rapid, and data is analyzed seamlessly. To achieve these goals, CIOs must build the necessary flexibility, scalability, efficiency, and uptime into their data centers. Unfortunately, most legacy IT infrastructures are too rigid – and constrained budgets make in-house transformation difficult.

IT infrastructure options such as cloud and colocation are two of the more powerful tools at a CIOs disposal to drive Hybrid IT – helping accelerate revenue and create new efficiencies. And much like the aforementioned equation, its power increases exponentially with the right supporting infrastructure. High-performance server, storage and networking technology give businesses the capacity to store, manage and analyze core information with the speed businesses demand. It also provides the agility to support applications meeting business requirements of today and tomorrow.

We’ve witnessed this powerful combination first hand in our alliance with Hewlett Packard Enterprise delivering value to joint customers.  From diverse industries ranging from medicine to manufacturing, companies are deriving tremendous value from CenturyLink® Hybrid IT offerings, some of which are powered by HPE. Here are just a few of our reference architectures success:

  • Retail – eCommerce: Faced with numerous data center outages, one clothing retailer required a new data center solution to meet its fast-paced eCommerce needs. The required solution had to maintain always-available shopping environments, while supporting aggressive digital strategies in years to come. The answer was a CenturyLink managed eCommerce solution with an HPE Reference Architecture. The robust private cloud offered flexibility and reliability to scale on demand. Allowing CenturyLink to drive migration across a scalable virtual infrastructure, the retailer made a successful transition to an “always-on” e-Commerce infrastructure.
  • Global Telco-Equipment Manufacturer – Public Cloud: Enterprise-level manufacturing companies face unique challenges to keep pace with customer demands in this era of always-on, global exchanges. Due to an aging infrastructure, the manufacturer was suffering from reliability issues and unplanned outages causing problems in applications assisting its field technicians. The architecture developed was a combination of our CenturyLink® Public Cloud integrated with an HPE Reference Architecture back end. Deployed in the manufacturer’s core application, CenturyLink Public Cloud and HPE hardware, dramatically accelerated speed and performance-backed by enterprise-level security – enabling the manufacturer to immediately boost reliability and efficiency of technician service.
  • Healthcare – Managed IT: The healthcare industry faces big hurdles – from mounting go-to-market costs to a massive data deluge. One drug development, delivery and supply chain partner found it challenging to keep its IT infrastructure and applications running. These operational issues prevented the company from focusing on building its business. The answer was CenturyLink® Managed IT Solutions integrated with an HPE Reference Architecture. All company services were deployed behind a global service desk, offering 24×7 support – up to the application level. Remote IT hardware management was provided in a CenturyLink Data Center – interconnected via a secure CenturyLink® MPLS network. These offerings – along with public cloud and dedicated servers –enabled the business to meet the stringent requirements of increasing compliance while maintaining reliability and bringing products to market more quickly.

The digital transformation is changing the way companies do business today. Together, CenturyLink and HPE offer a unique range of services enabling customers to always be available, reliable and customer-ready.  To learn more about these reference architectures, we encourage you to read the USE CASE GUIDE.

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