If you’re thinking about deploying or upgrading a VoIP or TDM solution, you’ve probably heard about SIP trunking as a way to reduce both hard and soft costs while tapping nearly unlimited bandwidth and enabling access to rich communications. SIP talk seems to be everywhere as we head into summer and for good reason.

One of a SIP network’s biggest virtues is the ability to share resources cost-effectively. For example, a business with 10 locations nationwide can streamline down to one central call center in a way that’s invisible to customers. The roughly 100-year-old nonprofit Boys Town recently went this route with great success. Or a company whose inbound calls come in bursts can dedicate bandwidth to voice when needed, instead of paying for more bandwidth to handle just a few heavy traffic days a year.


In our new infographic Communicate Simply. Migrate Confidently. We show you how CenturyLink® Voice Complete enables you to easily migrate to SIP and helps keep business conversations going. Explore the infographic to learn more and then contact a CenturyLink Expert for more information today!

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