Cloud: Over the Hump, but Maybe Not the Bumps

Now that more than 50% of US companies use public cloud technology , we are clearly “over the hump” in cloud adoption. But migration, security, and the realities of managing a hybrid IT infrastructure are key topics that may still cause bumps in the road for IT organizations. Want more information on smoothing out the road on your cloud journey? If you’re at Interop this week, join CenturyLink as we address these hot topics in cloud adoption.

Getting your Cloud Migration Right Vendor Tech Session: Weds. 4/29 12:00 to 12:45 2nd Floor in Room “L”
Join Jared Wray ,CenturyLink SVP of platform development, and Jim Battenberg, director of cloud hosting in this critical session. Beyond running a successful pilot, to strategizing your broad roll out, doing cloud right is a complex mix of people, processes, and technology considerations. From training to support to app migration best practices, we’ll give you the tips and tools – and the gotchas – to get cloud right.

Composable, Componentized, Control…Is your Cloud keeping up?
Cloud Connect Summit: Thurs. 4/30 10:40 to 11:30 Lagoon “E”
In this session, Jared Wray, CenturyLink SVP of platform development, will address how the explosion of microservices, agile CI/CD and RESTful APIs is creating a new model for creating highly distributed applications and launching them quickly. At the same time systems of record and governance models will not disappear overnight. How is your organization balancing these bimodal demands? Is your hybrid strategy supported by management capabilities that span a wide spectrum of host modalities? Jared examines 5 must-solve questions as you consider the future of your most critical application workloads.

Migration of Cloud – from Private Data Center to Public Cloud, and the team that took it there
Panel Discussion: Thurs. 4/30 11:00 to 11:45, Interop Theatre Booth #1275
Panel Moderator, Mike McAfee, CenturyLink Cloud Lead Product Manager
Panel: HP Jeff Enters, Google Consultant, Nicola Foggi, SDN Panelist, Chris Stradtman, Consultant – Cloud, Univeristy of Wisconsin Bill Jensen, Consultant- Andrew Hoyas

CenturyLink is proud to be an Interop Gold Sponsor and in addition to these valuable sessions, we’re also providing the bandwidth required to run Interop’s powerful WIFI network . We encourage you to casually come by and visit us in the NOC anytime. And of course, please join us at our sessions, pound on the WIFI and enjoy the event!

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