Committing to Excellence in Data Center Operations

CenturyLink announced our commitment to certify all 57 of our worldwide data centers to meet the Uptime Institute’s Management & Operations (M&O) guidelines. We will be the first company to be evaluated at the global portfolio level for the Institute’s M&O Stamp of Approval. Getting there involves committing to audit all 57 of our data centers over the next two years to provide third party verification of operational excellence, sustainability and consistency in meeting the 100% Uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA).

We’re not just talking the talk. This is a serious commitment to make. Our commitment to uptime and excellence in data center operations started many years ago, and an achievement that we’ve made in our data center already, but now with a set standard can provide a third party validation. You cannot run 57 data centers around the globe, servicing large enterprises, without serious devotion to operational excellence. Our SLA adherence to 100% uptime and to consistent temperature and humidity standards have already showcased our operational excellence.

A data center’s design is a strong foundation, but keeping businesses running 24/7 requires consistently followed processes and a highly qualified staff. We’re resolute in our commitment to our data center teams. We emphasize excellence in training, processes and procedure. We provide consistent and well-documented, well-followed processes, which are continually improved through learnings. We partner with best in breed data center technology providers and associations.

Working with the Uptime Institute on this certification is not a trivial undertaking. But, we’re committed to going through this amount of scrutiny to be at the top of standards of performance and reliability. We view the Institute as the preeminent global authority on data center standards; they look way under the hood and kick all the tires. The M&O program is based on root cause analysis of 20 years of historical data compiled from data center outages of top providers around the globe. Creating the standard based on actual outages over a 20 year span provides a level of credibility that exceeds most certification programs, as it is based on actual scenarios.

We’re signing up for this challenge because we want to not only say we are committed to operational excellence and global consistency—we want to prove it!  We expect M&O Stamp of Approval to be the upcoming standard demanded from all colocation customers. Going forward we anticipate that all RFPs and customer expectations will require the M&O Stamp of Approval as a standard for their colocation provider decisions.

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