The pace of business is accelerating. It’s a hot topic in magazine after magazine. When CenturyLink and 451 Research surveyed global IT leaders last year, we identified 4 pillars of digital transformation, all of which benefit from adaptability and speed of delivery of services:

  • Improving customer experience
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Increasing the level of agility in the organization
  • Better managing business risk

As business in general moves faster, every individual business has to be able to harness and deploy its resources faster. And that brings us back to the speed of light. In a recent blog, I noted that if you traveled at the speed of light you could go around the earth’s equator 7.5 times in a second. Transitioning to direct connectivity on a fiber optic network may be the closest your business is likely to come to matching that head spinning pace.

Increasing the scale and speed of your connections can create a competitive advantage in our interconnected world. One of the many benefits of the CenturyLink-Level 3 merger is our expanded on-net footprint and its ability to increase the reliability and security of our customers’ connections – at the speed of light. We operate more than 500,000 miles of fiber across our global network, one of the largest fiber footprints in the world. And we are committed to helping everyone get direct connections to that fiber – and through those connections to a global network of opportunity.

CenturyLink is committed to investing in increasing the scale of our fiber network and the services we can offer over its length. We will continue to bring fiber directly into key customer sites, straight into the buildings, and covering more and more “last mile” distances. You might not have been close enough to our network before to have that kind of last-mile capability, but the combined company’s increased reach allows us to offer it in places where it wasn’t available before. This network allows customers to make a direct local connection and take their business around the world via fiber.

Going “on-net”, with a direct fiber connection to the CenturyLink Network, not only gives you a blazing fast connection to the world with incredible reliability, it also future-proofs your network by making it easier to provision new services and scale up your bandwidth.

An on-net connection comes with inherent reliability, scalability and security. You can consolidate all your network application needs – voice, data, UC&C, web, cloud, etc. – onto one network. Since we understand how game-changing this capability can be, our engineers and architects can help you plan out your organization’s evolution so that you have the bandwidth for today and tomorrow.

We can help you make the transition on-net, so you move at the speed of business.

Contact us to talk to your local sales rep about the advantages of going on-net and the new connections you can make in your business.

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