“What business are you in?”

It’s a frequent question at social gatherings. The answers are usually well practiced: I’m in retail. I’m a small business owner. I’m an executive at a global IT services company.

At CenturyLink, we are in the connections business. We help customers large and small make connections to the people, services, assets and information that matter. We think making connections is a key requirement in the age of digital transformation—where network effects, data analytics and robust platforms can make the difference between being the disruptor and being disrupted.

For instance, Uber and AirBnB are well known as disruptors of the taxi and hotel industries, respectively; but they are not really taxi or hotel companies. They are connection services leveraging the underlying network, cloud and mobile infrastructure to more easily connect customers with services they desire (rides, lodging). Traditional hotels and taxi companies have to get creative to fight back, but not with more cars and rooms. They need to transform their own businesses with digital tools to better serve customers how they want to be served.

Digital transformation, disruption and the power of connections will be central to a discussion we are hosting with more than 50 IT industry analysts this week. CenturyLink executives and industry analysts will examine the imperatives of an era in which businesses must transform or risk disruption. We will certainly talk about new technologies. But, the real goal of digital transformation is rethinking business strategy, asking new questions and making new connections.

What business are you in? Organizations have an incredible opportunity to redefine themselves in new ways, to connect people, assets, data, and customers in new ways. That’s the discussion we’re looking forward to with the analysts—and with you.

What do you want to connect?  To learn how to get started in your digital transformation journey, talk to a CenturyLink expert today.

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