With no centralized management, there’s little to no visibility into resource allocation, performance and costs, with no good way to exert control. This poses challenges for both IT and LOB decision-makers — and makes it almost impossible to optimize cloud deployments. If you’ve been there and done that, you know how valuable it would be to have an overall solution to pull your clouds together under one management umbrella.

Enter Multi-Cloud Management

In its most effective form, multi-cloud management does not simply mean side-by-side cloud management. Rather, it’s a layer of orchestration software paired with managed services — a unified solution that augments or runs on top of your applications and the services you are getting from your multiple cloud providers.

CenturyLink Cloud Application Manager is one of the few multi-cloud management solutions offered in today’s marketplace that goes beyond what is typically offered by cloud service providers. Cloud Application Manager is a cloud-agnostic orchestration platform that reduces the complexity of managing hybrid cloud environments and drives collaboration across the three spheres of influence within enterprise IT – Development, IT Operations and Finance.

CenturyLink Cloud Application Manager can help you address these common issues:

  • Manage application deployments from start to finish: Implement strategies for software application development, deployment and scaling that meet the unique needs of your enterprise — strategies that allow the best use of the applications needed to run your business without compromises due to cloud restrictions.
  • Minimize downtime: Leverage the certified experts at CenturyLink for monitoring, operating system patches and updates on applications through an automated managed services experience. Having CenturyLink manage mission-critical workloads and infrastructure enables you to focus on your core business.
  • Cloud optimization and analytics: Through real-time reporting, you can get recommendations on how to reduce costs based on spend analytics and utilization. CenturyLink enables quick response and insight into how you can most effectively use various cloud providers together to minimize risk and dependencies.

Making Multi-Cloud Work for Your Enterprise

If your multi-cloud management strategy is built on a solid framework, new features and functionality should integrate easily if incorporated properly and early on. In other words, as you grow over time with a unified multi-cloud management platform, the solution will grow right along with you.

If you think multi-cloud management can help eliminate even a portion of the manual processes your IT staff manages on a regular basis, then it’s certainly worth the effort to look at your options. Join our August 24th Webinar with TechRepublic and Microsoft to learn more.  Schedule a consultation with CenturyLink today to start exploring the best way to move your workload across the multi-cloud environment.

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