Controlled Chaos: Oxymoron or the Future of Enterprise Mobility?

Employees can be demanding. They want to be able to access all their favorite applications from any device, anywhere, and it’s hard to deny this request when it’s actually making someone more productive. But what is the norm? All too often, only email is approved for use on nontraditional corporate devices, which puts significant limits on true mobility.

Take sales reps as an example. Imagine what they could do if they could access their CRM and ordering systems while at a customer visit – faster quotes, faster order placement and faster service or product delivery. Seems like the way to become a well-oiled, customer-centric machine.

But put this scenario in front of IT managers and notice the fear in their eyes. Far from utopia, it represents pure chaos and risk. Visions of issues start running through their heads:

  • Security and privacy concerns
  • Interoperability
  • Managing the inventory of devices
  • Pushing software updates and patches
  • Compliance mandates

In short: The risks seem to outweigh the benefits. But this movement and the demands of the mobile worker will keep increasing. Enterprises must find a way to support mobility in the truest sense.

While technology exists to help businesses manage devices across their network, it must become more sophisticated to assuage the fears of IT managers. Mobility management technology should not only alert IT managers to new devices entering the network, but also ensure the device is compliant and secure.

What’s on your mobility wish list? Do you think we will ever reach the utopia of the truly mobile enterprise?

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