As we head into next month’s annual SAP SAPPHIRE® NOW and Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) Annual Conference, over twenty thousand attendees are looking forward to learning about new technologies, hearing success stories, best practices, and sharing ideas about what’s top of mind for businesses looking to pave the path to digital transformation.

There will be significant focus on the Intelligent Enterprise Applications, SAP S/4 HANA and how to use digitalization to its full potential. The concept of an Intelligent Enterprise is an interesting one and it can be interpreted differently.  Put more simply, I believe it means harnessing the power of data through your systems in combination with the power of your people.  This requires an investment not only in your technology to connect to people and capture critical data, but also an investment in your resources to turn insights into transformative services.

The first place to start and most important investment you make should be in your infrastructure which translates to an investment in the cloud, but I believe that businesses that invest strategically in all three of the following areas will be well-positioned to thrive in the digital economy.

  1. Real-Time Analytics: We’ve all heard the data explosion statistics. While this proliferation is great news for businesses hungry for operational, logistical, and customer information, it can also be overwhelming for companies struggling to make sense of a conglomeration of data types and sources. Enterprises need to get data out of silos and into the hands of those who need it to gain insight that fuels real-time decisions, increased efficiency, and better user experiences, both internal and external.
  2. Cloud: At this point, most enterprises are investing in the cloud or more often, multiple clouds.  But there are still challenges to overcome. Which cloud is best for which workload? How do you address increasing security risks? How do you future-proof your strategy? There as many answers as there are questions.  You require visibility, governance and cost-control, but the old way of managing IT will no longer apply here.
  3. IoT/mobile: The first step to an intelligent enterprise is a connected enterprise. Today, IoT and mobile go hand-in-hand, linking data sources and analytics software to make just about anything smart—refrigerators, stores, cars, even cities. In enterprise terms, this means transformed operations for pretty much any industry, any line of business, any workload—with improved productivity and cost-efficiency. But the challenges include choosing among the many offerings and ensuring interoperability of all components.

The Difference with an End-to-End Approach

As an SAP Gold Partner Services and Global Premium Supplier of SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, CenturyLink is uniquely positioned to help customers optimize their SAP solutions through expert consulting and managed services for big data analytics, cloud, IoT and core IT Services.  With CenturyLink, you get access to the brightest SAP minds in the industry to help you maximize the benefits of your SAP investment.  We complete the people part of the Intelligent Enterprise equation, so you can deliver results quickly.

If you’re attending SAPPHIRE, I encourage you to fill your itinerary with sessions that address these foundational areas.  I also invite you to schedule a meeting with us or drop by for a demo of our services at booth 547.  You can also attend the following sessions to hear from our SAP experts first-hand:

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