To boost chances of success, high risk situations often require an effective safety net. This additional protection makes it possible to direct attention towards more strategic initiatives. And with industry experts predicting 1 million new malware threats daily and a complex landscape of security incidents, companies must build this safety net now to plan for the worst.

Cyberattacks aren’t going away any time soon. The expanded Internet of Things (IoT) universe and regularity of online collaboration just make matters worse – with companies encountering everything from advanced phishing and ransomware to distributed denial of service (DDoS) and socially engineered attacks. In this highly dynamic threat landscape, many organizations lack the internal expertise and/or budget to effectively protect against cyberattacks.

Aimed at mounting a proactive security front, CenturyLink Managed Security Services (MSS) offer a full complement of threat prevention, threat management, incident response and analysis services. Building on extensive network, cloud and security expertise – these services fill organizational skill gaps, improve the quality of protection with detection and response services, and reduce complexity of in-house security management. At the center of these offerings is the CenturyLink MSS Portal, designed with usability best-practices to provide seamless and intuitive single pane-of-glass functionality.

The portal empowers users with role-based access and complete transparency into activity CenturyLink Security Operations Center (SOC) conducts on their behalf. Internal teams can access near real-time visibility of security postures and collaborate with the CenturyLink SOC team – all while accessing and reporting on security log data as desired. Advanced workflow facilitates viewing and escalation of potential threats at every point along the breach timeline. Additionally, threats are visible by location and level of severity – translating into faster, more effective detection of attacks with quick remediation.

Cybersecurity is risky business, but CenturyLink’s broad array of Managed Security Services offer a much-needed safety net in a challenging, threat-filled environment. Experience the power of the MSS services first-hand through a new demo of the service portal – and get moving on the road to proactive security!

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