A data center is essentially the brain of the business; all critical business applications ad information are housed there. So as enterprises become more complex with the expansion of Hybrid IT and Multi-Cloud, they need to ensure that their Data Center Services have an intelligent brain functioning at optimum health. 

In order to maintain that ideal condition throughout the digital transformation process, IT infrastructure and operations leaders are seeking out immediate ways to improve their data center operations efficiency. That proficiency may come in the form of real-time reporting, analysis and prediction, and resolution of critical data center operations issues, such as outages. Even a brief glitch in data operations — caused by everything from human error or bad actors to equipment failure and extreme weather — cost an average of $9,000 per minute according to the Ponemon Institute!

Optimizing the Data Center

Running a data center is a hugely complex undertaking of networked routers, switches, servers, storage systems, cooling, and power, to name just a few components. Then there’s the requirement of access to round-the-clock skilled professionals to monitor hardware, software, network, and application data to anticipate and correct configuration software issues, VM deployment issues, hardware failures, and security-related issues such as DDOS and Web Application Security.

Because of such complexity, the need for efficient, reliable, secure and a constantly evolving data center is paramount.

So how do you make sense of that data? Today, robust data visualization dashboards are connecting data center analytics, processes and tools to critical tasks such as detecting and predicting performance issues—also known as advanced predictive analytics. With the aid of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), advanced predictive analytics can anticipate issues related to hardware, security weaknesses, software misconfigurations, and hardware. Those insights can then inform real-time recommendations for improved efficiency and performance.

Embracing Data Center Transformation

CenturyLink guides organizations through the digital transformation of their data centers. Our team of experts, can help your team improve Speed and Performance, understand Advanced Analytics, and tap into the vast amount of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT). Let CenturyLink provide your IT organization with solutions to streamline operational challenges, predict patterns and maintenance failures upfront, perform root cause analysis, calculate recovery statistics, and track indicators that help mitigate risks. We have in house solutions developed for:

  • Monitoring billions of messages a day and identifying high-order alerts
  • Signal detection and pattern identification of distributed or group failures
  • Analyzing and supporting infinite scale
  • Mitigating and reducing mean time to recovery

Interested in learning more? We’ll schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss your unique data challenges and see how CenturyLink can help you solve them. Contact a CenturyLink Expert to schedule your free data center analytics consultation today.

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