In our industry, the word “modern” stands in contrast to the word “legacy,” a word I hear quite often when I talk to customers.  In between the two is a digital transformation process; modernizing the network is a transformational experience.

The modern network enables an enterprise platform that is more secure and manageable, plus faster to respond to a changing world. This modern network does not simply transport packets, it possesses the speed and agility to support the current pace at which business is changing. The organization relying on this network can be far more innovative in serving customers, unlocking value for stakeholders and unleashing new business models for competitive advantage.

An enabler is SD-WAN, which creates greater security through common policy setting, efficiency through optimizing pathways, and cost control by using cost effective local broadband for backup or where you can withstand varying service levels at branches and satellite offices. It can’t be ignored that SD-WAN offers tremendous flexibility and options (based on your custom policy) to leverage an optimized path. The ability to create a single policy to push to the network improves provisioning speed and increases security capabilities.  Network Factor Virtualization (NFV) allows for the fast, flexible in-network building of these resources.

Not to be forgotten as a complement to this technology: CenturyLink also operates one of the largest fiber optic networks in the world and we can pull this fiber directly into your buildings. Combining this global infrastructure with broad managed services capabilities provides a unique service offering. The speed and flexibility of fiber access allows futuristic levels of scaling and automation of cloud connections (Direct Connect).  This is a great example of how some people define combining Modern with Legacy.

Bottom line: You do not need to completely abandon the legacy parts of your network to get these advantages. Our team of IT experts (a.k.a. modern network superheroes) will integrate your legacy components into the modernization plan.

Are you ready to modernize your infrastructure? Let’s get started.

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