While the term isn’t new, Digital Transformation is still one of the most important – but least understood – buzzwords in the industry today. Advanced technology is rapidly creating new opportunities for businesses to accelerate growth, enhance customer experiences and drive unprecedented innovation. But sometimes, it’s difficult to turn promise into practice.

Looking across the industry, the numbers certainly are compelling: According to a recent survey, 51 percent of key decision-makers are actively digitizing business processes and operations. Their reasoning is spread across four key pillars, including – Enhancing Customer Experience, Improving Operational Efficiency, Increasing Agility, and Better Managing Business Risk. And while each is a noble goal, real Digital Transformation is hard – and requires greater commitment than any flashy PowerPoint can convey.

When strategy is actually put into practice, the road to digital is littered with significant obstacles. Faced with hands-on implementation, businesses encounter such issues as multi-vendor conflict, on-premise vs. cloud implementation challenges, and aging legacy equipment. Any one of these is enough to stall even the most promising digital initiative.

One of the most effective strategies to overcome these challenges is dubbed “hybrid transformation” – utilizing a range of cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid IT solutions to engineer more agile infrastructures. Teaming with the right partner, enterprises can harness the current IT foundation, while injecting new levels of flexibility and efficiency to align for the digital age. An experienced provider also prepares companies to meet their most difficult security and compliance challenges – while providing resources necessary to keep internal teams focused on the business at hand.

We’ll be exploring these topics and much more in our upcoming live and interactive webinar, Overcoming Roadblocks to a Successful Digital Transformation on August 24th at 2:00 pm ET / 11:00 am PT.  Hosted by CBS Interactive’s David Gerwitz – Distinguished Lecturer and Author of “The Flexible Enterprise – this lively discussion will also feature top experts across the industry.

CenturyLink’s Scott Brindamour and Microsoft’s Brian Bosserman will analyze the major obstacles impeding agility, business drivers for true digital transformation – as well as real-world use cases of successful implementations.

Are you ready to put your digital strategy into action? Register now for this exclusive webinar to learn more.

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