John Lydon (aka “Johnny Rotten”) once famously sang, “Don’t know what I want, but I know how to get it.” Is it me, or does this lyric remind you of the day-to-day challenges of running infrastructure in this evolving cloud era? Yes, the data center looks very neat, with all its nice, orderly rows of racks and clipped cables, but under the surface, it can feel like a punk rock concert run amok.

Do you know what you want, in infrastructure terms?  This is the question we frequently ask of our enterprise clients. There are two types of answers, both of which are true: 1) We know what we want. We want different types of infrastructure for different workloads; and 2) We think we know, but we can’t be sure, because everything is changing so quickly.

As we head into VMworld 2016, you might want to keep this question and the two equally true but contradictory answers in mind. If you’re running VMware, chances are you want to leverage the best options for cloud without giving up any performance, control or awareness. Does this sound right?

If you’re like most of our customers, you probably like the public cloud for its flexibility, elastic (and very large) storage and on-demand provisioning. You probably prefer managed hosting for legacy applications and workloads that need custom infrastructure. And, you may like the idea of a private cloud for workloads that require customization and perhaps have security or compliance requirements that keep them off the public cloud.

Implementation of this sort of mixed infrastructure portfolio can be challenging. How do you commit a workload to an infrastructure type without locking yourself in and depriving yourself of the opportunity to do it better/cheaper/faster as your organization evolves and technology changes along with it? Like, what if that application you run on a dedicated server becomes suitable for a lower cost public cloud deployment next year? You will want to take advantage of that.

The difficulty is that you can’t really know what is going to be. You don’t know what you want but you can know how to get it. That’s the conversation we’re having with people this year at VMworld. You need the right mix of infrastructure to keep your VMware-based applications running at peak performance. Our specialty is helping you both figure out what you want and then, how to get it.

With CenturyLink, you can do Hybrid IT the right way, also known as your way. Our broad portfolio of infrastructure and network solutions offers an easy path to the cloud. You can offload a few virtual machines, create new applications, or migrate legacy workloads. You get purpose-built hybrid, private or public cloud services and fully managed hosting so that your focus on the core work of gaining competitive advantage.

CenturyLink is part of the VMware vCloud Air Network, which is the world’s largest network of validated cloud services based on VMware technology. CenturyLink Cloud and Managed Hosting solutions run atop a VMWare foundation. Every day, we rely on key native management and availability capabilities of vSphere to deliver a premium service to our customers.

Curious? Let’s meet at the show and discuss how CenturyLink can help you realize this goal. We’ll be at Booth 420.

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