As the workforce becomes more mobile, more organizations are adopting unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) solutions to enable employees to work effectively from anywhere. These solutions include VoIP which runs your voice calls and UC services like video chat, web conferencing and instant messaging over the IP data network.  VoIP is the foundation for fully integrated unified communications solution. 

Pick Your Path to VoIP

As discussed in the Picking Your Path to VoIP article, there are two primary paths to VoIP: you can opt for a Hosted VoIP solution or go with an SIP Trunk solution.  At CenturyLink, our goal is to help organizations align their technology with their business goals and we have many clients who are adopting UC&C applications, but aren’t at a point where they are ready to replace their legacy phone system.

In these scenarios, we would recommend SIP Trunking as the first step to transitioning from a traditional TDM network.  This solution has been adopted so widely these days that analyst firm, I.H.S Technology (formery Infonetics), said that it has become “the de facto next generation voice connectivity solution for businesses in North America.”

For those enterprises with aging phone systems, a Hosted VoIP option may be the best choice so you don’t continue to invest in hardware that is based on 1970’s telephony technology.

How Do I Get on the Road to VoIP?

Making the move to VoIP takes planning and thorough evaluation of your voice traffic and security requirements.   It helps to work with a technology partner to review your network capacity and ensure your migration plan aligns with your short-term and long-term goals.  When evaluating providers, it is also important to consider long-term viability and assess the completeness of their VoIP portfolio.

Why CenturyLink Should Make Your Short-List

CenturyLink is focused on supporting our clients every step of the way as they begin to evolve their voice communications strategy.  We offer VoIP options that allow you to progress at your pace and align to your business needs.  The completeness of our portfolio and flexibility of our solutions has contributed to the #2 ranking of CenturyLink IQ SIP Trunk® service for a second year in a row in the I.H.S. 2016 North American SIP Trunking scorecard.

I.H.S highlighted the value of CenturyLink IQ SIP Trunk service features like multiple continuity options, the ability to support third-party network connections and enhanced customer portal to simplify management.

Take the Next Step

As you evaluate options, it is important to ensure that your technology strategy can scale with your business strategy.   Experienced CenturyLink consultants can work with you to understand your business requirements and develop a migration plan that is suited to your needs.

Read the 2016 IHS Report and request a consultation to learn more about how CenturyLink IQ SIP Trunk and Hosted VoIP can help you reach your UC&C goals.

How are you aligning your organization’s communications and network strategies to support today’s mobile workforce?

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