The changing technology landscape is shaping new business models, empowering global companies to work faster and serve customers more efficiently. This shift is powered by a massive digital transformation and supported by unprecedented volumes of data. Across the globe, organizations are beginning to align for the digital road that lies ahead.

The opportunity has never been greater to transform, with businesses having the power to rapidly adapt to market changes, easily scale, and drive customer innovation. Capitalizing on these possibilities, companies are investing heavily in digital models – with industry analysts projecting digital technology spending surpassing $730 billion before end of this decade. The pull is so great that nearly 75 percent of enterprises are expecting to be on the digital transformation track by 2020.

Given the vast array of technologies available, it’s especially important to focus investments. With limited capital resources, only a portion of IT requirements can be accomplished in-house. That’s why a dedicated partner like CenturyLink is a perfect fit – freeing internal resources to accelerate innovation, while opening new avenues for advanced initiatives like Cloud and Big Data.

Enterprises can thus streamline IT complexity and drive real-time scalability – along with reduced capital costs and faster time-to-market. A focus on advanced data and analytics also puts companies fully in charge of optimizing operations and improving overall customer experiences.

We explore these opportunities in our new video, analyzing the digital transformation as an agent of change. Learn more about the new opportunities that await on the journey ahead – helping you become a true catalyst on the race towards digital transformation. Get your business ready with CenturyLink!

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