IT leaders, specifically network managers, have been seeking better solutions to their WAN challenges for decades.  With the introduction of SD-WAN, enterprises have an answer to some of their biggest problems. In a new report on Software-Defined Networking, analyst firm, Frost & Sullivan, delves into SD-WAN, how it differs from hybrid WAN, the role it plays in your cloud strategy and the reasons why it should be on your network roadmap.

 Put your WAN on Autopilot

When the practice of hybrid networking came onto the scene, it enabled enterprises to align their application requirements with different forms of transport.  However, it introduced new levels of complexity requiring network managers to manage multiple vendors, equipment and policies.   SD-WAN puts your hybrid WAN strategy on autopilot. With SD-WAN, networks are application-aware and can dynamically route traffic in real time based on pre-set policies – making WAN management easier than ever.

Outlined in the report are some key benefits when moving to SD-WAN:

  • Greater Agility: Controlling the transport routing changes in the overlay network enables changes to be made in real time while still meeting QoS requirements
  • Speed to Market: Bring new locations online quickly with zero-touch provisioning
  • Better Application Performance: With real-time performance monitoring, ensures that traffic gets re-routed as soon as network problems are detected so users aren’t impacted

Frost & Sullivan provides compelling advice about the benefits of a managed SD-WAN service versus a do-it-yourself (DIY) model.   For example, managed SD-WAN better supports phased migrations and can reduce network administration costs even further.  They also provide their perspective on the advantages of CenturyLink managed SD-WAN which include:

  • Reduced CPE and network management costs
  • No capital expenditures since it is subscription-based billing
  • More capabilities with built-in features for security, load balancing and compression
  • 24/7 operational support and centralized admin portal that is easy to use

Take Your First Step Toward the Network of the Future:

Download the Frost and Sullivan Software-Defined WAN report to learn how SD-WAN will positively impact your network environment.

Want to test drive SD-WAN in your own environment? Explore CenturyLink’s managed SD-WAN solution and request your 90-day proof-of-concept trial today.

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