You can’t find it on any map – and there’s more than one way to get there. It’s not surprising the industry struggles finding the best road to Hybrid IT. But as business and customer requirements continue to evolve and spark a robust digital economy, companies must begin transforming IT now – or risk of being left behind. These are some of the key issues we’ll be exploring at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, Florida October 16-20.

Most enterprises recognize the significance of this massive digital transformation. Far fewer understand how to shift IT in support of this new reality. And while businesses have the power to become more agile, build new efficiencies and accelerate innovation – none of it is possible without the right IT infrastructure.  Increasingly, Hybrid IT is the key to evolving IT from a cost center to a business driver.

A hybrid approach can dramatically improve the alignment between IT services and business objectives. It’s a mix of physical and virtual infrastructure services – hosted in both on- and off-premise environments. Hybrid IT can include a range of strategies – from data center colocation and managed services to cloud. This combination allows companies to not only aggregate, unify, and scale services – but accelerate functionality to create highly agile and responsive infrastructures.

But on the road to agile IT, there’s no simple way to get from Point A to Point B. Businesses must not only find the right mix of on-premise and off-premise infrastructures to match specific workloads – but infuse flexibility without sacrificing IT reliability, efficiency or stability. It also mandates a new focus on IT innovation, rather than managing day-to-day operations.

In less than two weeks, our team of experts will be on site at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo to help you plan your path to Hybrid IT success. CenturyLink executives are offering expert advice and on digital infrastructures as core business competencies, as well as best-practices when aligning IT strategies to match business requirements.

It’s this way to Hybrid IT, but where will you start? If you are attending the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo, book a one-on-one today with us in Orlando today!

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