It’s hard to find a business that’s not on the road to digital transformation. While many know it’s a competitive necessity, it’s not as easy to recognize the best way to get there. With a relatively new set of technologies and a dizzying array of options, finding the right direction can be daunting. Plus, aligning that direction with your existing IT priorities can be just as difficult.

At CenturyLink Business, this is top of mind when we work with you on IT projects to support your digital transformation. We want to make sure that any product or service solutions recommendations we provide are part of a bigger picture—and directly linked to your objectives and expectations for your company’s digital journey.

Our Solution Transformation Methodology is a practical, structured approach to identify the steps needed to develop and implement a strategic plan. We have more than 12 years of development success using this methodology. The vertical and industry expertise, combined with the outcome from the session, provides our engineers the foundation to strategize and develop a plan to align your IT initiatives with your business goals.

Share your Experience and Challenges in an Executive Strategy Session

First, we meet with your company’s leadership to assess goals, identify barriers, and customize action plans. We start by listening—to understand your concerns and set an agenda tailored to your needs. Then, together we review your key IT projects, evaluate whether they align with the business outcomes you’re looking for and start strategizing a plan. Our team draws on their expertise and services, best practices and technology standards to develop recommendations to deliver your desired business results.

Get Personalized Recommendations in a Solution Development Workshop

A Solution Development Workshop is a “roll up your sleeves” working session, where together we discuss your challenges and goals working on-site with subject matter experts to outline the project’s technical requirements. Then, we prepare a solution plan that will support your organization’s overall digital transformation. The plan includes a visual representation of the challenges that led you to seek this solution. We call it a collaboration map. It serves as a reference point over time, allowing you to track which challenges have been addressed and to add any new challenges that have emerged.

Our methodology can help with a range of issues faced by today’s enterprises, including managing multiple clouds, accelerating development and deployment, improving security, consolidating or expanding data centers, getting actionable insight from big data analytics and more. We can tackle the questions and find the answers together.

Want to experience our solution transformation methodology? Request your Executive Strategy Session today.

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  1. Tom Wade


    Yes, it totally makes sense to revisit your digital transformation strategy. Just following the footsteps of your peers/competitors doesn’t make sense. Digital Transformation strategy should align with your business objectives and bring relevance.

    Thank you.