If you believe the hype (and you should!), businesses are being overwhelmed by cybersecurity threats. Whether challenged by the latest malware or a DDoS onslaught, only those companies fully staffed and prepared come out unscathed. By some estimates, more than 460,000 pieces of ransomware were detected last year – with the average demand amount equaling $1,000. The recent “WannaCry” ransomware is a perfect example of how quickly vulnerabilities can be exploited by malware and how much damage can be done.

This advanced threat landscape is fueled by an unprecedented universe of data and IT systems – all demanding greater resources to secure and maintain effectively (i.e., configure, scan for vulnerabilities, patch regularly, etc.). And while on-premise and cloud-based infrastructures continue to expand, qualified cybersecurity experts are in short supply. To address this shortfall, Managed Security Services have become the centerpiece of today’s advanced IT and digital business strategies.

Services offered by an MSSP quickly close both resource and skill gaps, as tactical and operational security tasks are handled by a third party. With extensive around-the-clock monitoring, firewall and vulnerability management led by the provider, internal security staff are free to focus on more strategic initiatives. MSSPs also leverage a broad range of real-world and industry experience to drive such enhanced initiatives as incident response, risk mitigation and threat prevention – dramatically advancing an enterprise’s security posture to engineer more effective, proactive policies.

Recently, CenturyLink teamed with the experts at Enterprise Strategy Group to analyze the real-world impact of Managed Security Services. The resulting report, “CenturyLink Managed Security Services: Overcoming the Security Skills Gap”, analyzes best-practices for accurately and continuously preventing and reducing the wave of malicious threats. With a full complement of threat prevention, threat management, incident response and analysis – these services are engineered on decades of network, cloud and security expertise to keep operations moving.

You can’t argue with the numbers. Analysis by ESG reports CenturyLink Managed Security Services deliver protection at a cost that is 62 percent lower than a full-time internal security employee. That’s largely because these services are flexible enough to address the entire IT stack – reducing security and stability risk presented by disparate technologies and services across multiple vendors. This approach is proven effective – whether CIOs are advancing existing security policies or just starting out.

The risk is real. See how to fill your cybersecurity skills gap with CenturyLink Managed Security Services, and get started with a free 1:1 IT Security Consultation. Download the research paper here.

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