There is an emerging need for data analytics processing services to be delivered in the cloud.  Big Data cloud services deliver greater agility and elasticity so you can more quickly and easily keep up with your organization’s growing data demands. Working in the cloud accelerates implementation timelines, reduces infrastructure costs and gives you the benefit of simpler pay-as-you-go pricing models.  The net–net for you is higher data performance for advanced analytics that can scale as your needs change.

CenturyLink Big Data as a Service: More than Just a Platform

CenturyLink™ Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) integrates data processing technologies that can handle any data type, data workload and SLA. You can process and build data visualization in real time to ensure the business runs at an optimal level. Managing your technology stacks, cloud provisioning and regular system management can be quite complex which can deter your users from focusing on business outcomes.  With CenturyLink Big Data as a Service and Managed Cloudera services, you can benefit from CenturyLink™ Managed Services coupled with Managed Cloudera and Analytics Applications to which is like hitting “the easy button” to deliver an end-to-end data, analytics and cloud solution.  This powerful solution takes the edge over other Big Data platforms with its speed and cost efficiency so you can achieve faster time-to-market and time-to-value for driving business results.

“Cloudera and CenturyLink’s innovations with Big Data analytics can drive true business transformation at a time when many companies are finding it hard to harness the power of increasing volumes of data,”

Tom Riley, CEO, Cloudera

How Big Data as a Service Makes Analytics Easier

When considering Big Data options, consider how Big Data as a Service can address some of your top data management challenges.

  1. Manage and Analyze External Data More Easily: Big Data as a Service is already in the cloud, which makes external data extraction from social and IoT platforms easier to manage and analyze.
    • CenturyLink offers an ‘IoT Foundation’ tool to store, manage, and analyze data from connected devices with flexible, scalable compute model that evolves as IoT projects grow.
    • CenturyLink provides an ‘Active Archive’ service that ingests and stores data on cost-effective storage while enabling easy accessibility with flexible query tools.
  2. Frees Up Data Warehousing Capacity: By offloading workloads to the cloud, your data warehouse capacity life-span is improved so it can manage the growing optimization and performance requirements. CenturyLink Virtual Data Warehouse is rapidly setup on Hadoop-based data warehouse and data marts by utilizing systematic methodologies of ETL database and BI layers.
  3. Securely Monetizing Your Data: Big Data as a Service provides single-tenant architecture and encryption to ensure your business data is secure.
    • CenturyLink provides Data Governance capabilities like centralized auditing, audit reports, data lineage and unified technical metadata across the cluster
    • Optional Security Components including Dedicated Firewalls, Dedicated Network based IDS/IPS, Host based IDS/IPS, Host based Content Integrity Monitoring, Web Application Firewall, Proxy Services, DDOS Protection, DLP/Content Management, Email/Content Scanning and Threat Management/Vulnerability Assessments and more.

If you are headed to Strata Hadoop World this March, put some time on your event itinerary to learn more about how CenturyLink is helping organizations simplify their approach to Big Data. CenturyLink’s Chief Data Officer, Andrew Clyne and other experts will be at booth K23 in the Cloudera Partner Pavilion.

Also, be sure to attend Andrew Clyne’s presentation with the Engineering Lead from Panera Bread to hear an engaging discussion Big Data as a Service in action, on Wednesday, March 15th from 4:20 PM to 4:30 PM or on Thursday, March 16th – 11:15 AM – 11:25 AM in the Cloudera demo area.

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