Connecting resources across your enterprise has never been more critical to the success of a business. Increasingly, corporations are turning to innovative technologies to transform how they connect all the pieces of their businesses from corporate resources and assets all the way down to the customers they serve in a quest for differentiation, efficiency and competitive advantage.

At the core of Digital Transformation is the network, which provides the backbone that ties the various components together.  As a result, today’s networks need to be faster, more powerful, more scalable, more reliable, and more flexible than ever. Above all, they need to be manageable.

While the network is arguably the most essential part of the Digital Transformation puzzle, it is also often the most overlooked piece. Our latest eBook, Digital Transformation Demands a Hybrid Network Strategy, outlines in depth the issues facing IT managers as they strive to streamline and connect their diverse enterprises. Tapping the resources and expertise of a managed services provider can lighten the load and help lower costs of implementing Hybrid IT solutions. It can also help make them more responsive to rapid shifts in the market.

One of the biggest challenges facing IT managers is leveraging recent technological advances. The latest networking technology takes advantage of some of the innovations coming from the cloud. Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN), network function virtualization (NFV), and network virtualization (NV) are revolutionizing the way we build and operate networks. These technologies present new ways of designing and managing networks across highly distributed organizations and give us effect tools for ensuring their security.

Success depends on your ability to lay the proper foundation for connecting all the pieces of your business. Hybrid IT, with a robust network at its core, holds the key to making it happen.

Let CenturyLink show you how. Read the eBook and call for a free consultation today.

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