CenturyLink and VMware. Better Together.

It’s been a fantastic week in Las Vegas for VMworld 2018. CenturyLink has had a tremendous presence at this year’s show, and it was a great opportunity to share our story. It was also nice making so many new connections with a lot of very smart people!

Speaking of smart people, I had the opportunity to participate in an interview on The Cube with VMware Senior Director Geoff Thompson.

Geoff’s has some very interesting perspectives, and a lot of experience as he attended the first VMworld, a much smaller event in Los Angeles 20 years ago.

With business so focused on driving transformation across the enterprise, our partnership with VMware is a phenomenal opportunity to build deeper relationships with new and existing clients.

No matter which way you look at it, CenturyLink and VMware are better together.

Our approach is to listen to customers and understand where they are in their journey. Some are on the cutting edge. Some are laggards (and the first to admit it). Other are still trying to figure it out.

Together we design solutions that meet their specific needs, and don’t just throw technologies at them. Not every customer is on the same path, growing at the same rate. Clients may have skills in one area, but not another.

The value of this partnership is evident in how we work with customers from the start. We don’t just sell licenses. We work together to solve problems. This approach affords us the opportunity to go deeper into customers’ specific strategies, especially for a majority of VMware clients still running legacy application on premise. Many of these apps represent the crown jewels of their business but can also be optimized and made more efficient in cloud environments.

We also detailed an excellent example of how we are helping a fast food chain set up new locations faster while optimizing internal processes. You can check out that example, as well as the full interview here.