On game day, the sweat should be pouring down the faces of the athletes on the field, not from the worried brows of the hospitality industry’s multi-tasking technical teams. Yet today’s fans are demanding ever more unique and immersive end-to-end experiences before, during and after events. Fans want Wi-Fi within stadium that’s separate from their cellular network. Managed smart devices now touch everything from HVAC and POS systems to smart helmets and sensors deployed on the playing field. Then there’s the IoT platform needed to gather data at the edge, securely transmit it from device to cloud and then provide actionable insights in near real-time. So where does that leave the technologists responsible for managing it all?

CenturyLink is uniquely positioned to support smart solutions needs, many of which we’ll showcase at Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology (SEAT), hosted at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis, July 16 to 19. Members of our global team of dedicated IT Services professionals will be on hand to demonstrate how CenturyLink’s end-to-end smart solutions enable seamless management of new Internet of Things (IoT) technology.  We’ll demonstrate how smart solutions can improve operational efficiencies while increasing revenue, surface insights through analysis and collected data, enable you to evaluate and react to situations in near real-time, and help to secure locations, applications and data.

CenturyLink Smart Solutions

We are by no means new to the game when it comes to providing professional IT services for large-scale sporting and entertainment venues and events. From the 30,000 fans who we support with seamless dynamic bandwidth at CenturyLink Center Omaha, to the 70,000 fans and global media outlets who will connect during Super Bowl LII in Minnesota, our IT Services professionals are primed to support the next big play in IoT solutions with services that include:

End-to-End Managed Services

When Metropolitan Entertainment & Convention Authority (MECA) needed to bring free public Wi-Fi to their sports arena, they turned to CenturyLink IT Services. We’re proud to team up with MECA and their anchor tenant: the men’s basketball program from Creighton University (go Bluejays!).

In the early days, sports and entertainment venues like MECA only had to support a handful of smart devices, but those days have long since passed. Today, MECA boasts 30,000 attendees at events — and multiple smart devices to go with each of them, not to mention those found within the building’s infrastructure and on the playing field. It was clear that if the stadium was going to stay in the game it needed to start by leverage new technologies, including offering free arena-wide Wi-Fi. This past year, in partnership with CenturyLink, MECA launched a smart solution that drives end-to-end fan experiences for its large entertainment events.

CenturyLink is instrumental in helping some of the world’s largest sports arenas forecast and look at what they’re going to need in 2020, so that stadiums can scale out for future technologies and even larger events.

We’ve been optimizing IT environments for customers like MECA through consolidation, virtualization and modernization with leading technology over the past 12 years. Much like a seasoned winning coach with a rock solid game plan, we truly enjoy solving issues for our customers and bringing real world expertise and experience to address business and IT challenges. In fact, next year we’ll be helping one of our customers apply that game plan to one of the largest sporting events on the planet: the Super Bowl.

A Smarter Super Bowl

When the big game kicks off at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minnesota next year, tens of thousands of tweets, Instagram posts and Facebook status updates will fly across smart devices within the arena in rapid-fire succession from fans and global media outlets alike. Knowing the stakes are high, the stadium’s technical staff teamed up with CenturyLink Global IT Services to create end-to-end solutions for the game’s megaload of traffic.

From roughly 1,300 Wi-Fi access points stashed everywhere from the concession area and ticket booths to behind section numbers and beneath handrails, to 2,400 HD TVs each capable of relaying different messages, this just may be one of the most connected venues on the planet. For some this might seem overwhelming, but CenturyLink Smart Solutions for smart hospitality includes detailed cost analysis and comparison documentation of current and proposed optimization, enabling the most informed decision for business support needs — large or small.

Smart Solutions: How CenturyLink Can Help

CenturyLink provides the full spectrum of services around smart solutions. We have a global team of dedicated IT Services professionals who provide end-to-end smart solution capabilities and flexible tools and service offerings that can be customized to meet customer needs. Our 24×7 monitoring and 24×7 service desk provide rapid response capabilities. From detailed metrics and dashboards to real-time views of applications and infrastructure status, we’re uniquely positioned to support your smart solution needs.

For more information on how CenturyLink Global IT Services and smart solutions can move your hospitality enterprise forward, contact us or stop by our booth #201 at SEAT 2017 this week!

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