It Makes Perfect “Cents”: Building Quality Digital Customer Experiences

eCommerce_TG_BlogsizedQuality service has always been a number one priority for leading businesses. By understanding customer requirements in advance – and then aligning to better meet those needs – companies can significantly drive new revenue and build market share. And as the economy feels the impact of an unprecedented digital transformation, defining the best customer experience has never been more important.

The emerging digital ecosystem of tools and technologies creates an endless new universe of customer interactions and opportunities to foster relationships with audiences. Whether it’s strengthening the brand, empowering mobile eCommerce, or streamlining real-time relationship management – organizations now have unprecedented pathways on which to build awareness and customer loyalty in this digital environment.

Unfortunately, many fail to create an underlying strategy that links these assets together for a richer customer experience. According to recent analyst reports, typical businesses lose approximately $41 billion per year due to poor customer service. Much of it has to do with limited knowledge of the digital environment – as researchers believe typical Internet users wait no more than two seconds for page loads before abandoning a Web page for a competitive site.

A premier digital customer experience fully aligns business technology investments with customer needs. The goal is a user-centric approach addressing unique requirements to improve each and every digital point-of-entry. And this experience must evolve everywhere customers interact with the brand – in-store, mobile, online, e-mail, sales, and support. The most powerful strategy ensures experiences are consistent, seamless and uncomplicated.

Industry leaders are now looking towards experienced partners to build these top-tier digital customer experiences. Partners like CenturyLink can help build a comprehensive strategy including infrastructure and application integration and management built on agility, security and uptime to support evolving business requirements. Injecting the power of cloud, many of these infrastructures are based on hybrid IT environments – fueling the necessary cost savings and resource efficiencies to make the model work. This newly realized speed and resiliency also acts as the springboard to accelerate mandatory eCommerce and marketing initiatives, ideally incorporating big data and core customer analytics.

Organizations win and retain new business based on the quality of experience offered to customers. In the digital age, this means each and every point of entry and ongoing touchpoints must be seamless, integrated, innovative and reliable. And all of it must be built on an infrastructure that is flexible, responsive, and scalable.  If properly aligned, your path to providing a quality digital customer experience will certainly make “cents”. Reach out to CenturyLink today to schedule a Digital Experience Workshop and uncover a strategy that’s right for you.

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