Tremendous benefits await those who heed the call of digital transformation. A ringing example is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), covering everything from audio, video and web conferencing to IP desk and conference phones for workplace communications. Dialing into the subject further, a recent Spiceworks survey of 250 IT decision-makers reveals how IT pros view the challenges, drivers to adoption and benefits of hosted VoIP solutions.

Considering PBX/voice’s Challenges

There’s no doubt that VoIP is surging in popularity. Spiceworks’ survey reveals that of those who currently use hosted VoIP, only 46 percent are “Very Satisfied” or “Extremely Satisfied” with their current solution. Among the top five challenges called out for on premise PBX/voice solutions are the following.


Of these challenges, a whopping 78 percent said challenges with on premise PBX/voices solutions led them to consider VoIP in the first place. As a result, 65 percent of those surveyed identified as early adopters of VoIP.

Adopting a VoIP Solution

So what drives VoIP adoption? More than half of organizations surveyed said an IT initiative drove their plans to deploy hosted VoIP. They listed the following as the top five drivers that accelerated the deployment of hosted VoIP in their organization:

  • IT initiatives
  • End-used demand
  • Dedicated expertise/management resources
  • Improved interoperability/compatibility with apps
  • Rapid growth in user base

All told, IT professionals said they were turning to VoIP to cut costs while giving employees, partners and customers the ability to connect from anywhere, over any device. The broad appeal of integrated VoIP services makes it an especially popular, with 59 percent of respondents using on premise VoIP solutions and 65 percent using hosted VoIP solutions, with some overlap in those opting for a blend of on premise and hosted communications solutions.

Transforming Communications with VoIP

As VoIP continues to transform business communications through digital disruption, many IT professionals view hosted VoIP as critical to the future of business enablement strategy. They cited the following as some of the key benefits following their move to VoIP.


When evaluating providers to helping them though their digital transformation process with hosted VoIP, 78 percent of IT professionals identified reliability, quality and security as the most critical factors they considered. And when it comes to actually purchasing a hosted VoIP solution, 52 percent of those surveyed said they preferred a bundled solution that includes other networking solutions beyond simply VoIP — a complete digital transformation that increases savings and value from an integrated group of services. Only 35 percent said they would select a standalone service.

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