Today’s IT executives have more to worry about than ever before.  As cyber criminals become more aggressive, IT execs must ensure that their security strategies are rock-solid now, so the business can attack whatever hackers may throw at them in the future.  

Our growing reliance on big data and the cloud has increased enterprise productivity by allowing for more informed plans and decisions, newly discovered opportunities for optimization, as well as the delivery of breakthrough innovations across nearly every major industry.

However, the dependence on big data and the cloud also provides a budding target for cyber criminals. The nature of the assets are boundless and range from personal data, payment information, intellectual property, health records, accessing critical infrastructure networks & beyond.

Join our VP, CSO, Dave Mahon, as he shares his insights during a panel discussion at the Cyber Security Summit in Los Angeles on October 20, 2016, at 11:45am.

The panel – The Growing Cyber Threats to Big Data Analytics & Cloud Security – will discuss effective strategies to best protect your enterprise by taking proactive steps to roll out a comprehensive set of security measures that best protect your company’s sensitive data.

If you can’t attend the event, but want to learn more, check out CenturyLink® security solutions and services.  We’ll help you get started.

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