Branch data networks are critical to the function of many enterprises. However, the security risks posed by wide area networks is increasing as internet use and cloud application access expands from branch locations. With news of Yahoo, Kimpton Hotels, Dropbox and even the DNC networks being hacked, the stakes are being raised on network security. The frequency of security breaches only makes it more critical for businesses of all sizes to ensure the necessary precautions are taken to protect critical business and customer data at every access point – including at vulnerable remote locations.

WAN Security a Top Challenge for Enterprises

As a recent survey from IDC1 shows, WAN security is a top concern for IT leaders worldwide:


Source: Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Survey, IDC, April, 2016

Part of the problem facing IT staffs is that while the frequency and sophistication of digital attacks on businesses has continued to evolve, WAN security architectures have changed little, if any at all. Challenges lie in how to manage various security policies for different applications at each location when IT teams are centralized and resources limited.

A New Way to Secure your WAN

Enter SD-WAN options that literally change the landscape of branch office networking. Software-defined networking enables security to shift from the traditional hardware-base model to a software-based solution that delivers virtualized network and security functions (VNFs) at the edge of the network.  The result? Better protection at your cloud and internet access points plus centralized control so you have better visibility and the ability to make changes in real-time much more efficiently without the operating overhead.

Learn more about how SD-WAN can help protect your enterprise against increased threats in the  Mitigating Branch Office Risks with SD-WAN white paper.

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1 Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) Survey, IDC, April, 2016

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