For those who couldn’t make it to Enterprise Connect 2018 this year, the key takeaway is that Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) is at the tipping point. Technologies are starting to come together as customers understand what impact they really want to make. Enterprises that embraced digital disruption are now far enough along on their digital transformation journey that they’re ready to solve specific issues and are beginning to pull ahead of the pack.

One common theme that kept surfacing at the conference was that collaboration and playing nicely as part of a larger ecosystem is a clear path to accelerating digital transformation. Customers are no longer looking for a single technology, but seeking ways to unify multiple technologies, such as Voice over IP (VoIP), instant messaging, screen sharing and videoconferencing, into a cohesive solution.

For more from Thuy Ha, CenturyLink vice president of voice and real-time communications, watch the video below.

Selecting a UC&C Service Provider

The move toward collaboration makes sense. Many companies have acquired new technologies — and new companies — over time and need an agile path to solve their business needs. But beware of becoming involved with a low-cost provider that has to work with its own service providers to manage porting, maintenance and security. If something breaks, can your service provider handle it, or do they have a service provider of their own that they then need to track down?

One example is in the area of SIP trunking. Mike Robles, director of product management with CenturyLink, shared what businesses need to do to prepare for their next generation of SIP trunking and how they can ensure they are engaging with service providers that can meet their needs today and in the future.

Other key questions to consider when reviewing unified communications service providers include the following:

  • Does the service provider also own and provide the network?
  • Does the service provider own the connections that your company will be using?
  • Is the service provider looking toward next-generation capabilities?
  • Does the service provider already include key cloud providers and cloud services to enable a hybrid environment of both on-premise and cloud-hosted solutions across a common interface?
  • Does the service provider have a team of in-house cybersecurity experts on staff who are well-versed in risk management?

Move Your Digital Transformation Forward

Are you ready to move into the next stage of your digital transformation? Explore the benefits of high-quality audio, video and web conferencing that let you communicate clearly, share files, conduct product demos and much more with easy-to-use instant conferencing. CenturyLink is uniquely positioned to support your digital transformation, security and compliance needs. For more information on how CenturyLink can help move your business forward, contact us today!

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