Large organizations increasingly rely upon a variety of service providers and hosting environments (both traditional and multiple clouds) for managing various applications, virtual machines and workloads. IT and developer organizations want speed, agility, and other clear cloud benefits, but find themselves challenged by increasingly complex IT environments. It leaves them with managing multiple applications across multiple clouds, vendors, teams, and billing systems.

For many, it’s simply no longer enough to attempt managing this growing whole in parts. Organizations often need the ability to manage its applications across both its physical and multi-cloud environments. And many are looking to integrated cloud application platforms that provide strong monitoring, management and cloud optimization capabilities that can be used to unify and manage applications across the organization’s whole IT environment.

CenturyLink® Cloud Application Manager

CenturyLink® Cloud Application Manager provides you an answer to your multiplying multi-cloud management issues. Based on CenturyLink’s success and experience in networks, hosting, and multi-cloud application delivery, CenturyLink® Cloud Application Manager is designed to unify your multi-cloud environment (physical and cloud) to make it more manageable, secure, and productive. More specifically, CenturyLink® Cloud Application Manager is specifically engineered to enabling robust ALM and managed services on “any cloud, anywhere” supported by native optimization features and functionality.

Unlike many other solutions, CenturyLink® Cloud Application Manager not only enables efficient management of applications and workloads across hosting or cloud vendors, but transparent oversight of your entire environment, including servers, storage, network, managed services, billing, and more. The result is newfound insight and agility to move and host your applications and workloads in the most appropriate environment, on-premises or across multiple-clouds.

Application Lifecycle Management Capabilities

CenturyLink® Cloud Application Manager’s powerful feature set for automating Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) includes scaling, updating, migrating, and managing for rapid deployment and efficient, governed/standardized application deployment models that enable you to deploy on-demand to various clouds and select which workloads or functions should be managed by internal resources or outsourced.

Key Capabilities Include:

    • Full management of applications, compute, OS, network, and security functions, including Audit Trail across any infrastructure virtually anywhere.
    • Self-service components and infrastructure consistent with production environments.
    • Automated deployment policies; reusable, on-demand provisioning; and termination across any infrastructure virtually anywhere.
    • Automated rolling updates of components with zero downtime and agile life cycle management.

Key Features

    • Self-Service Application Catalog: CenturyLink® Cloud Application Manager’s intuitive portal allows you to self-serve reusable infrastructure, applications and charts. Components can be deployed based on pre-set IT policies and federated access control, user management and permission definition of infrastructure provides you additional visibility and auditing capabilities.
    • Auto Discovery: You can also discover cloud instances that are already running in other environments, such as other public cloud platforms. With CenturyLink® Cloud Application Manager, you define applications with infrastructure that’s provisioned at the time of deployment, with a wide range of inherent automation protocols further enable flexibility across heterogeneous environments.
    • Administration & Reporting: Within CenturyLink® Cloud Application Manager, extensive administration rules promote IT governance for the delivery of services as well as managing users, namespace, templates and resources—with a real-time dashboard for viewing containers, applications, resources, user activity, and clusters in use.
    • In-Place Updates, Upgrades, and Rollbacks: You can also push updates to components or entire applications that are running in production without experiencing downtime. Versioning control enables your IT and application owners to choose all instances or portions of the same applications. When unforeseen issues arise, rollbacks can easily use the saved application profiles.

A Platform for Application Transformation

These and other key features and functionality are providing large multi-cloud organizations with the scalable, secure, sustainable solution they need for a strategic path forward—one that integrates ALM into a unified environment and provides the ability to model both legacy and modern cloud applications in a standardized platform. Beyond management, CenturyLink® Cloud Application Manager offers companies like yours the opportunity to transform your approach to application delivery and management—one that enables you to take advantage of multi-cloud services either on-premises within your own data center, on CenturyLink Cloud, or other third-party platforms such as Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Learn more about what make’s CenturyLink’s approach to multi-cloud management stand out in this report from 451 Research.

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