Check your smartwatch. How long has it been since your enterprise experienced a cybersecurity attack? In a rapidly expanding threat environment, it probably isn’t very long at all – even if the attack was not successful.

And by the way, is that smartwatch secure?

Black Hat 2017 is long over and the headlines have moved on to other other cybersecurity issues — but we cannot get complacent. This post reminds us of some ongoing issues highlighted at Black Hat and Interop Las Vegas 2017 that are changing the threat environment.

In this video, CenturyLink cybersecurity evangelist, Terry Barbounis, discusses a change in mindset necessary to combat the changing cybersecurity landscape. Barbounis laid out strategies for taking a proactive stance against the bad guys, incorporating more threat intelligence and active measures, as well as incorporating cybersecurity into the risk management disciplines that have long grown up in areas such as enterprise finance and operations.  Watch the InformationWeek video:

And at Black Hat 2017, CenturyLink cybersecurity architect, Jeffrey Krone, talks aboutthe expanding range of skills necessary to pursue a cybersecurity strategy – and the scarcity of those skills – with Dark Reading. It’s a big and growing issue as we’ve highlighted before. Here, Krone discusses the tradeoffs involved in creating a hybrid security strategy working with a managed security service provider (MSSP) like CenturyLink. Check out the video interview:

Cybersecurity threats are constant, and companies need to develop a proactive cybersecurity strategy. Are you ready to get started?  Talk to one of our cybersecurity experts today.

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