Do you remember the 90s sitcom “Cheers?” It was about an eclectic cast of characters that hung out at a Boston bar. Almost every scene was set in the bar, a familiar, comfortable place where your friends made you feel welcome when they called out your name as you walked through the door. 

But not all public places are so comfortable and personable. Whether it’s a retail store or a government office, they can feel a bit cold and impersonal. Maybe you’re a number, and no one knows your name, your favorite color or the business supplies you buy on a regular basis. Interactions no longer have to be so impersonal.

Creating a place where people know you is the core idea of some work we’re doing with Cisco Meraki around a set of technologies that enable businesses to personalize communications to their customers. We’ll be talking more about location based analytics (LBA) and its possibilities at a few upcoming events in Atlanta and Dallas in May and June 2017.

Location based analytics won’t get you your own TV show, of course, but it is a way to get to know your customers: By name, by preferences, by needs or interests, by price points or whatever other information you think is important to create the best possible experience for them. It is built on a business process with three basic steps: Access, Analyze, and Action.

LBA involves a combination of WiFi networks your customers can access, cloud-based analytics engines to gather data about them and analyze what they need, and a control panel that lets you take action and guide them appropriately. By understanding their needs, you can help guide your customers through push notifications, wayfinding or dispatching a sales associate to help them.

Our LBA solution is designed so that you don’t need to worry about the technology. CenturyLink can manage the whole solution for you, from the Cisco WiFi front end to the CenturyLink network and the analytics engine designed by our Cognilytics team. You stay focused on learning more about your customers so you can delight them and call them by name.

CenturyLink is proud of the work we’ve done with Cisco Meraki to create a turnkey, fully managed LBA solution. We have worked with customers in higher education, banking, hospitality and other sectors. If you have a venue of any kind – whether it’s a storefront, a college campus or a sports stadium – LBA can help you serve your customers better by getting to know them more deeply.

Want to learn more about location based analytics? Talk to Cisco and CenturyLink experts about how LBA can make you more efficient by bringing you closer to your customers.

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