Networks come in many forms. They are the way we make connections among people and among the various moving parts of an enterprise.

There is no doubt the network the center of digital transformation strategies and no surprise that our readers were very interested in networking topics as it relates to transformation in 2017. Below are the 10 most popular networking blogs of 2017 based on audience views and engagement:

  1. How SD-WAN works: SD-WAN was a hot topic in 2017. This blog looks under the hood to see how it accomplishes some of its utility, complete with an infographic.
  1. 5 tips on VoIP and UC&C: The transition from legacy voice systems is far from over. This blog explores how to get moving on the shift.
  1. SD-WAN and modern banking: Retail banking is changing quickly. SD-WAN is a key factor in maintaining service and security levels.
  1. Network of the future: IT industry consultant, Evan Kirstel, looked at the future of networks, forecasting a century forward.
  1. 3 SD-WAN tips: Assessing your application and business needs is a key step to evaluating your move to SD-WAN.
  1. What business are you in?: CenturyLink CMO Bill Hurley wrote that the connections enterprises make increasingly define their businesses.
  1. Hybrid networks and digital transformation: At the heart of digital transformation is a hybrid network architecture.
  1. Networks have to keep up the pace: With all the moving parts of digital transformation, it is far too easy to overlook the network – until it is slowing you down.
  1. 3 things we learned from SD-WAN POCs: Gartner famously charted out the hype cycle that describes how new technologies burst on the scene, then fade, then gather momentum. We applied that idea to early SD-WAN adoption.
  1. Implementing UC&C for operational efficiency: This blog summarizes an International Data Group (IDG) report on the drive to move from legacy voice infrastructure to a Unified Communication & Collaboration (UC&C) system.

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