It’s a whole new world that we’re living in today! Enterprises are migrating to different clouds based on different business and application needs. As multi-cloud adoption continues to rise, the traditional role of the CIO is evolving. Today, more than ever, the CIO has to be a key business driver and strategist.

It’s important to make sure that your technology providers take the time to understand your challenges and how a comprehensive solution can address them as you look to develop new business initiatives. This includes how to optimally use a mix of different technologies and assess the providers to best address different needs.

Because today, it is all about the application, and less about the infrastructure. Infrastructure has become somewhat of a commodity (this includes the network, storage, server, even virtualization). You have to look at how applications can be used in the cloud. How can a hybrid IT approach be leveraged? How can new services such as multi-cloud management (MCM) and managed services be used to overcome your business challenges? Using technology in the right combination allows you to address these questions and sharpen your competitive advantage. It also enables technology providers to become key suppliers and trusted advisors to executive management.

But success is about more than just putting an application in the cloud, assuming the application is even cloud ready. It is also ensuring you can put the application in the cloud of your choice. You need to be able to manage the application life cycle. This is where MCM becomes extremely valuable and provides a level of business agility and freedom (avoiding lock-in) that you probably have never had before.

Adding to the value of MCM, you can also take advantage of managed services to gain other business benefits. Partner with the technology providers who have expertise in many different solutions, from applications to the infrastructure, including SD-WAN, servers, storage, virtualization, and operating systems.

In addition, managed services allow for an anywhere service strategy in which technology providers manage the day-to-day operations, while freeing you to better utilize key personnel and support new business initiatives.

By analyzing your current strategy and capitalizing on the right technologies and solutions, you can change how you run your business. Now, you can look at how to deal with managing the application life cycle with MCM and managed services. You can also address where to locate the applications: public cloud, private cloud, or a hybrid IT approach, increasing your top-line revenue and profitability.

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  1. Anthony West

    It can be very overwhelming to find the right cloud application for your company. Let alone implement it. This is where Centurylink would love to partner with you and your company to find the right fit for you.

  2. Tapesh Goyal

    Very relevant article Patrick. We at Vital Labs building lots of innovation around application-aware storage and hiding the complexity of infra for application admins.
    Would be happy to connect with you for further details.