The growing adoption of the cloud is turning into a proliferation of “clouds” as IT strategies encompass different approaches to IaaS, SaaS and PaaS. Global enterprises are using cloud computing resources from multiple providers. However, not all cloud environments are the same. The strengths, native feature sets and security attributes of one cloud might fit a particular application better than another, forcing IT organizations to take on the complex task of managing multiple applications across multiple cloud environments. They do so for a variety of reasons including increased agility and flexibility as well as optimizing costs in a growing application ecosystem. To better help enterprises manage infrastructure across cloud providers and application stacks, CenturyLink is launching the Cloud Application Manager. It is an automated platform to standardize how organizations can model and deploy applications, in addition to invoking CenturyLink Managed Services for applications and cloud infrastructures across any environment. This platform also pulls forward insights into utilization, permissions, workspaces and cost.

IT managers know that unified environments are better than fragmented environments. The latter soaks up resources in management, provisioning and administration (multiple bills, multiple pricing structures etc.) right when those resources should be focused on using IT to create competitive advantage. Cloud Application Manager bends the curve toward unification. One platform allows you to manage all your resources no matter what physical location they are in or what provider you use.

Cloud Application Manager offers a single platform for:

  • Application Lifecycle Management – Manage applications from build to deployment and run-state. You can scale resources and migrate applications across environments from one system.
  • Managed Services Anywhere – CenturyLink Managed Services for on-demand monitoring, patching, backup and remote administration are available on third party hosting services.
  • Cloud Optimization – Different clouds have different cost profiles, security capabilities and services. Cloud Application Manager lets you pick the best environment to run any given application.

Cloud Application Manager is a significant step into the future for CenturyLink and its global customers. We architected the solution so that customers have different management options depending on their own in-house resources or strategies: self-service DIY, a shared collaborative management approach with CenturyLink, or a full- managed service where CenturyLink manages the infrastructure, application and OS across your multiple cloud environments, while you focus on innovating your business. With this one platform you can manage, scale and optimize your growing cloud infrastructure while improving governance in an era of increasing complexity. Your people can save time, resources and costs in any deployment. That empowers them to focus on your actual business rather than managing technology.

The comprehensiveness of Cloud Application Manager is a breakthrough in the emerging field of Multi-Cloud Management. Check it out by calling or clicking today.

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  1. Tricia Eposito

    This week, we are excited to announce the launch of our Cloud Application Manager (CAM). The CAM is a cloud-agnostic platform that helps companies reduce and simplify multi-cloud management complexity, automate application deployments and scale workloads across public or private cloud environments.