At CenturyLink, we have entered a new phase of the digital transformation conversation. Digital transformation is an imperative in a hyper-competitive world and most enterprises understand the need and the urgency. The conversation today is no longer about whether or not to do it and more about how to do it quickly. More organizations are building out formal transformation strategies and implementation plans. I am looking forward to discussing these topics and more at the upcoming Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2017 in Orlando October 1 to 5.

Because digital transformation involves the entire enterprise rethinking the business, your strategy needs to encompass technology as well as organizational considerations — such as how you coordinate all the stakeholders in managing the new digital enterprise. Implementation is not only about the technical choices you make, but about realistically assessing the roadblocks you need to get over, whether that’s your dependence on legacy systems or how you manage multiple clouds. We know from the recent study we completed with 451 Research that many enterprises are struggling to overcome their internal process and infrastructure barriers.

As many have discovered in their digital transformation journeys, strategy and implementation are not entirely distinct. They overlap in important ways and one of our goals at the Symposium is to offer some advice in managing the complexity of that overlap.

We are very excited to be attending and speaking at this year’s event. For those who will be there, we hope you will be able to join one or more of these sessions hear strategies for transformation based on real-world implementations.

Dave Shacochis, CenturyLink vice president of Hybrid IT management, will analyze the struggles many enterprises have in IT collaboration and governance. Three spheres of influence in IT each play a role in the cloud and unless they are organized to see the same picture of an enterprise cloud from a development, operations and financial perspective cloud governance will suffer. Picking a few cloud tools does not solve these problems, but how work gets organized and teams are empowered can.  Dave will share strategies for how to overcome some of the most common collaboration challenges of building a world-class cloud management framework.

How To Align Three Spheres of Influence in Enterprise IT

Tue:    10/3/2017

Time:   3:45 PM

Room:  Pelican, Walt Disney World Swan

Governance spans the strategic and implementation topics and fleshing out that bridge will be John Fiscus, CenturyLink IT transformation specialist. John’s topic is CenturyLink Cloud Application Manager, our platform for managing a multi-cloud environment. It’s a breakthrough in managing the reality of multiple clouds, internal data centers and other resources as a single environment. It can also address the governance issues that Dave is talking about in his session.

Real World Outcomes from Continuous Delivery

Mon:  10/2/2017

Time:  5:15 PM

Room:  ITxpo Stage 2 Pacific Hall, Walt Disney World Dolphin

Cloud is a fundamental enabler of Digital Transformation and organizations who have a formal Digital Transformation strategy are using cloud to enable new sources of revenue, streamline their operations and drive innovation into their business.   In this session, I will delve into cloud maturity models and the best practices of “Hero” organizations and what you can do to ensure that your organization doesn’t slip into the “Zero” category.  Which IT roadblocks are keeping you from being a Cloud Hero?

CIO’s Journey to the Cloud: Cloud Hero or Cloud Zero

Mon:   10/2/2017

Time:  3:15 PM

Room:  Mockingbird, Walt Disney World Swan

We’re pleased to be a Premier Sponsor of this year’s Gartner Symposium so if you are planning to be there, I hope you will stop by to connect with our team of transformation experts at Booth #417 or join one of our speaking sessions. As well, you can schedule a 1:1 session with one of the CenturyLink leaders while at the event to discuss your business one-to-one. Let us help you get going on your digital transformation strategy and implementation today.


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