Changing your Business Culture to a Big Data Culture

Big Data:  The term is enough to strike fear into the hearts of CIOs.  And while industry pundits are quick to stress the importance of Big Data, far too few can show you how.

Most IT managers understand the value of Big Data, but many have little insight on how to use it effectively.  Rapidly becoming the best source for discovery and analysis of data collected from every traditional and digital source, IDC believes the Big Data market will reach $125 billion this year.

There’s no denying Big Data is – well, big.  But what can CIOs do with all this information?  Embracing data translates to accelerated insight, improved decision-making, and better products and services.  And while the benefits are undeniable, the transition to a data-driven business is never easy.  That’s why comprehensive analytics are so important. Analysis is the engine that puts Big Data into action.  By leveraging a strong analysis and correlation tool – customized for your organization by the right partner – IT can create an actionable environment for informed business decisions.  During this stage, data is scrubbed, normalized and linked – identifying relevant information and pinpointing duplicate or missing sources.  This stage also lays the foundation for an interactive infrastructure map and its interdependencies.

Elevate 2015

CenturyLink Elevate Summer Event Series










A valued partner can lead the way through this complex analysis process – from project management to tool selection.  That’s one key takeaway at the upcoming event series produced by CIO Magazine and sponsored by CenturyLink and Alcatel-Lucent.  We begin on Wednesday, July 15 in Boston, where attendees learn the importance of Big Data Analytics.  In addition to CIO Magazine’s Julia King, registrants will also hear from Cloudnomics Author Joe Weinmen. There’s a whole new world of data out there, and CenturyLink can help you capture it.

Not in Boston? Visit our Elevate summer event series page to attend an event near you.  

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