Data center transformation doesn’t belong just to IT anymore. Key decision makers across business groups are pushing to move data centers from black boxes of raw processing power to flexible IT systems that enable rapid innovation.

To give leaders a high-level view into this new model, CenturyLink has created the interactive eBook: Navigating the World of Hybrid IT.

Readers will explore some of the key considerations behind IT infrastructure outsourcing. To be sure, there is no one-size-fits-all model, and this eBook is a great first step for IT leaders considering their options.

What to expect:

What is hybrid IT? – A key point! It’s not synonymous with hybrid cloud.

The “mix and match” approach – Look for the right balance of internal and external resources to leverage savings that bolster business initiatives while optimizing the IT infrastructure.

Start with strategy – Four questions will help you begin crafting a hybrid IT approach to meet your needs.

Why hybrid IT? – While most businesses are now data-driven, owning and operating an entire IT infrastructure shouldn’t be the focus. Hybrid IT gives your IT teams the flexibility they need to achieve growth objectives.

How are companies adopting hybrid IT? – Whether using third-party colocation facilities and in-house private clouds or outsourcing selected services and using a cloud-first model, companies must simplify IT infrastructure design and delivery to gain the agility today’s market requires.

Outsourcing – As modern initiatives include Big Data analytics, real-time product design and pricing, and operational improvements, business and IT teams need to be partners. Outsourcing can help deliver the IT infrastructures needed to drive the business forward.

The future of hybrid IT – Most companies are taking a step-by-step approach to evolving their infrastructures. With colocation as a first step, more will be moving to the cloud to push performance to new levels in the future.

With IT playing a larger part in corporate decisions every day, IT leaders are looking to reduce cost and administration while increasing scalability and flexibility – all with better quality, security, and service. Now is the time to incorporate hybrid IT into your strategic business initiatives.

Read it now: Navigating the World of Hybrid IT

Ready to begin your IT transformation? Explore your infrastructure options with CenturyLink’s interactive tool: Hybrid IT Navigator.

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  1. All levels of management need to understand how the cloud makes their goals attainable.

  2. Wendy,

    This is a great use of modern design to help convey a very complex idea. Kudos to everyone involved in the creation of this eBook. I am going to to share this with all of my peers and contacts.