How is a Data Network Improving Lives in Utah?

On any given day over 1 million touch the Utah Education and Telehealth Network (UETN). Formed in 2014 when two well-established organizations that delivered critical state-wide services to Utah, the Utah Education Network (UEN) and Utah Telehealth Network (UTN), came together, today UETN services public schools, higher education, libraries, hospitals and clinics by connecting them to a state-wide data network for high-speed access to information.

From students working on class projects via cloud-based applications and digital resources, to a patient connecting with a doctor in Salt Lake from a remote location, the network helps connect people across the state. The value of this connectivity is especially important to students in rural areas who need access to the same lessons as students in metropolitan areas.


UETN’s network backbone is built on CenturyLink Ethernet Network Solutions, delivering a full terabit of combined bandwidth across 1,400 schools and institutions. This connected infrastructure is widely considered a key enabler of providing significantly enhanced educational opportunities across Utah.

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