True hybrid cloud enablement invariably allows customers to easily optimize across multiple environments — physical and cloud — with the ability to select, provision, migrate, monitor, scale and also consolidate the billing of multiple-cloud instances via a single centralized platform. The idea is to efficiently, economically and strategically spin workloads, not heads.

To optimize operations, IT needs the ability to monitor usage, allocate workloads and support related finance and accounting tasks — all through a single, all-inclusive platform that enables comprehensive insight and action.

Based on its extensive network and cloud expertise, CenturyLink delivers a comprehensive multi-cloud management solution with integrated managed services for managing and governing application workloads and infrastructure that’s designed to address, consolidate and simplify the diverse needs of today’s complex multi-cloud enterprises — across all clouds and on-premises environments.

A Unique Approach to Multi-Cloud Management

CenturyLink Cloud Application Manager gives you the choice and agility you need for your entire IT environment, whether it’s on premises within your own data center, on CenturyLink Cloud or other third-party platforms such as Microsoft Azure or AWS.

From a single portal, it allows you to access three key categories of services: Application Lifecycle Management, Managed Services Anywhere and Cloud Optimization. Using Cloud Application Manager, you can deploy and manage applications, VMs and other workloads on any infrastructure or cloud to meet your business and technical needs.

Reduce Complexity and Costs with Cloud Optimization

Cloud Optimization is a fundamental benefit of the platform, which provides integrated native functionality that not only allows you to provision and manage cloud instances from the likes of Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and CenturyLink Cloud through a single centralized platform, but also provides simplified, consolidated billing and account management capabilities for any of the services you use — including Application Lifecycle Management, Managed Services, Support and third-party cloud usage — for LOB chargeback.

In addition, Cloud Application Manager offers a recommendation engine for help determining the resources required to support your applications according to the security, processing, geographic and cost requirements criteria you choose.

Key Benefits of Cloud Optimization

  • Simplified billing and account management: Cloud Application Manager provides a single, centralized view of infrastructure and workloads across all your cloud environments, as well as a simple, consolidated billing across providers.
  • Automated provisioning: Save time and reduce complexity by leveraging Cloud Application Manager to deploy virtual machines, web and worker roles and automate provisioning functions that would normally be individually configured in Amazon Web Service (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Optimization Features

Cloud ChartGetting Started

Learn more about how CenturyLink Cloud Application Manager can help you optimize and transform across your multi-cloud environment in this White Paper.

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