State CIO priority 3: To the cloud or bust


The rallying cry in public sector IT circles is “IT modernization.” This imperative means many things in practice, but when it is invoked by elected leaders and others with funding authority or public accountability the word “modernization” seems to be a catch-all euphemism for “cloud.” It is no surprise, then, that “cloud services” ranks so highly in NASCIO’s survey of top strategies, processes and solutions.

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Public-Private Partnerships Rise to Challenges of Modern World


Technology is changing at breakneck speed driving collaboration and complexity at the same time. We face new cybersecurity threats even as we seek to modernize our IT infrastructure and streamline our processes. No single entity can keep up with the pace of change on its own. This is why it is imperative that the public and private sector work together.

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CenturyLink Ranks #7 out of Top 100 MSS Providers in 2017


Third party validation for hard work is always welcome. In this case, I’m proud and honored that our managed security services team achieved this latest milestone: CenturyLink® Managed Security Services ranks 7th in the 2017 Top 100 MSSPs list by MSSP Alert. The rankings are based on MSSP Alert’s readership survey combined with aggregated third-party research.

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Top 3 Reasons Customer Experience Drives Digital Transformation


Every digital strategy is shaped and motivated by business need. The desire to improve the overall customer experience and achieve competitive differentiation is a principal driver of many digital transformation projects. 451 Research has found that when evaluating the top drivers for digital transformation, they can be arranged in the classic Maslow’s ‘hierarchy of needs’ format, where cost efficiency and customer experience form the foundation. Why? Because they are the most critical elements that organizations need for survival and growth.

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4 Ways to Create a Better Cybersecurity Plan


When it comes to cybersecurity, there’s strength in numbers. In my role as CenturyLink’s chief security officer, I oversee the strategy to protect CenturyLink’s clients, employees and 600,000+ miles of network. Our team has stopped bad actors at the highest levels for decades, giving CenturyLink  a view on cybersecurity that few others in the industry have obtained. One of the key takeaways over the years is that most organizations need to shift to a strategic, threat-focused mind-set, rather than relying only on technical solutions.

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Where Are all the Cybersecurity Experts?


Cybersecurity threats are evolving rapidly as recent headlines demonstrate in stark terms. This New York Times story draws the parallels between the WannaCry attack and the more recent attack that went global after starting in Ukraine. A similar tool set was used in the second attack, but the story points out that the Ukraine attack appeared to have avoided the “kill switch” in the code that mitigated harm from WannaCry. Whether the hackers are related or not, the second group learned from the WannaCry experience.

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Case Study: Achieving Transformation with Less Consternation

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Business complexity and IT challenges can cause decision makers plenty of headaches when trying to digitally transform their business. Sometimes, the desired outcome is obvious, but getting to the desired results can be a hard pill to swallow. More often, there are multiple solutions, each with their own set of pros and cons. Many times the solution that meets the IT need doesn’t meet the business goal, or vice versa. Exploring the issues and considering the many options can be distracting and taxing for the organization, if not downright painful. A fresh set of expert eyes can offer new perspective, lighten the load and add real value in the process.

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Hurricane Season Is Here: Is Your Business Ready?


We are in full-on hurricane season. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria remind us that even when you know a disaster is out there, you can’t always avoid it. CenturyLink wishes everyone in the affected hurricane areas our continued thoughts and best wishes.

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