Looking Back on 2016: Hybrid IT Shifts into High Gear


To capitalize on the promise of digital business, companies are shifting to more dynamic, flexible IT models that effectively streamline costs, enhance agility and foster innovation. As we look back on 2016, hybrid IT truly shifted into high gear.

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Planning for 2017: Top IT Trends and Priorities


For decades, IT experts have attempted to predict the future. Analyzing trends and gauging customer preferences, the intent is to build an IT strategy that accurately forecasts top areas for investment. Lately, predicting customer buying preferences and behavior has reached a fever pitch with the world facing a digital transformation like never before. Business dynamics are evolving, mandating adoption of  technologies that will make them more agile and competitive on every front. Unfortunately, there’s no way to envision precisely what’s next.

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Disaster Recovery 2017: Making a List, Checking It Twice


With days growing shorter and the holiday season upon us, it’s time to reflect on the challenges and opportunities we faced in 2016. This analysis is particularly effective as enterprises align for a new IT reality fueled by the digital transformation. And with business success counting on optimal performance and reliability of these infrastructures, Disaster Recovery is moving to the top of holiday wish lists.

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Transforming Federal IT Networks


Recognizing the need to modernize networks, federal agencies are looking for ways to migrate from legacy systems to capitalize on the rapidly evolving Digital Transformation. More traffic than ever is flowing across networks – demanding heightened levels of agility and security. Federal agencies must ensure they aren’t lagging behind with legacy frameworks unable to meet new demands.

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Looking Back: The Best of 2016


As we close out another year, it’s time to look back at some of our most popular blogs of 2016. During this time, we explored a broad range of issues facing enterprises during the burgeoning Digital Transformation. With topics ranging from Hybrid IT to VoIP, our posts analyzed new strategies to help organizations more effectively evolve their next-generation infrastructures. Each having a direct impact on revenue, resources and innovation – now let’s review the “Best of 2016”.

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Your Cybersecurity Safety Net: CenturyLink® Managed Security Services


To boost chances of success, high risk situations often require an effective safety net. This additional protection makes it possible to direct attention towards more strategic initiatives. And with industry experts predicting 1 million new malware threats daily and a complex landscape of security incidents, companies must build this safety net now to plan for the worst.

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Top Reads on SDN and SD-WAN


A seismic shift is taking place across global IT networks. Applications are moving to the cloud and are getting more complex, more and more mobile and IoT devices are being connected to the network, as are branch offices, partners and suppliers. Network managers must accommodate this growth while still keeping costs down, application performance high and with the same security of a closed network –quite a challenge that can’t be solved with traditional network tools and architecture. This requires a new approach to networking and a rethinking of WAN architecture altogether.

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How to Optimize your IT Environment to Support your Digital Transformation


Hold onto your seat: business acceleration may seem lightning fast now, but it’s about to hit warp speed. Today, transformational information technology (IT) innovations are disrupting the digital landscape, leading to bold new companies and technology-enabled business models. Compound this with the burgeoning share economy and you’ll find that even your local taxi company is reeling from the impact of technology disruptors like Uber and Lyft. It can sometimes seem like every business is a technology business today, finding competitive advantage – or disadvantage – in how they utilize IT, react to changes in the marketplace and stay ahead of nimble competitors.

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