Connecting the Future of Business


“What business are you in?”

It’s a frequent question at social gatherings. The answers are usually well practiced: I’m in retail. I’m a small business owner. I’m an executive at a global IT services company.

At CenturyLink, we are in the connections business. We help customers large and small make connections to the people, services, assets and information that matter. We think making connections is a key requirement in the age of digital transformation—where network effects, data analytics and robust platforms can make the difference between being the disruptor and being disrupted.

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People First: Building a Rock Star Cybersecurity Team


Back in the 19th Century, famed industrialist Andrew Carnegie spoke on the importance of putting people first. He believed success of any organization relied on finding the best people for the job. Fast-forward to 2017 – and what was true then is even more relevant today. All winning organizations have one thing in common: great strategies supported by the most qualified, rock star professionals.

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Make Your Shift Left at STAREAST 2017


Quality assurance and software testing professionals are gathering in Orlando, Florida on May 7-12 at STAREAST. The conference encompasses more than 100 sessions and I along with my colleague, Scott Bell, are hosting one of them on Application Performance Monitoring (APM). Together, we’ve been in the software testing world for more than 40 years and we’re excited to bring our knowledge and best practices for testing and APM to this conference. 

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Taking on the Business of Big Data Management

Big_Data_Management_blog_900x310 (1)

Data is at the core of every organization and the pressure is on to get insights faster from an expanding universe of data sources to guide business decision making and transform the customer experience as we know it.  This is a foundational component of digital transformation across industries and will enable delivery of personalized shopping experiences, telemedicine, accelerated supply chain and IoT expansion…just to name a few.

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Planning Your Journey of Transformation


Summer is almost here. Time to start planning the vacation road trip.

I’m old school when I plan a trip. I spread out maps to see where I’m going and the entire landscape I’ll be driving through. When I’m driving, I use the GPS in my phone to actually navigate; but for the planning stage, I like to take a step back and see the whole route. That way I can see the terrain I’m going to cover, plan any interesting side trips and even avoid some things that I know from experience are worth avoiding (hitting cities at rush hour, for instance).

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Location Based Analytics: Where Everybody Knows Your Name


Do you remember the 90s sitcom “Cheers?” It was about an eclectic cast of characters that hung out at a Boston bar. Almost every scene was set in the bar, a familiar, comfortable place where your friends made you feel welcome when they called out your name as you walked through the door. 

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Creating the New Intelligent Enterprise

SAP_Sapphire_BLOG_900x310 (1)

As we head into next month’s annual SAP SAPPHIRE® NOW and Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) Annual Conference, over twenty thousand attendees are looking forward to learning about new technologies, hearing success stories, best practices, and sharing ideas about what’s top of mind for businesses looking to pave the path to digital transformation.

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Enable Application Lifecycle Management Across Any Environment

Для Интернета

Large organizations increasingly rely upon a variety of service providers and hosting environments (both traditional and multiple clouds) for managing various applications, virtual machines and workloads. IT and developer organizations want speed, agility, and other clear cloud benefits, but find themselves challenged by increasingly complex IT environments. It leaves them with managing multiple applications across multiple clouds, vendors, teams, and billing systems.

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