Meet us at Gartner Symposium/ITXPO 2017


At CenturyLink, we have entered a new phase of the digital transformation conversation. Digital transformation is an imperative in a hyper-competitive world and most enterprises understand the need and the urgency. The conversation today is no longer about whether or not to do it and more about how to do it quickly. More organizations are building out formal transformation strategies and implementation plans. I am looking forward to discussing these topics and more at the upcoming Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2017 in Orlando October 1 to 5.

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How Governments Can Adapt — Making Digital Transformation a Reality


Digital transformation is everywhere, but in government the process toward full transformation is held up by budget cutbacks and legacy equipment constraints. So how can government entities fast-track implementation of disruptive technology to enable broader citizen engagement, empower employees and strengthen data security and privacy?

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Lights, Camera, Action! Cybersecurity experts share insights from Interop Las Vegas and Black Hat 2017

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Check your smartwatch. How long has it been since your enterprise experienced a cybersecurity attack? In a rapidly expanding threat environment, it probably isn’t very long at all – even if the attack was not successful.

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Digital Transformation Driving Smarter Decisions at Connected Campuses


As seen in Educause Top 10 IT Issues and Strategic Technologies for 2017 report, IT staff at colleges and universities are awash with more data, and the need for data-driven decision making, than ever before. From online learning platforms and digital signage to student ID cards and recruiting systems, data is flooding across campuses like a wave of eager new students at freshman orientation — full of promise and opportunity. Unfortunately, few institutions are taking full advantage of this rich resource; they could be tapping into that data flow and using it to drive valuable insights and actions.

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On The Road Again: The Cybersecurity Good Guys Help You Take on The Bad Guys


Cybersecurity is once again on everyone’s mind as the latest major data breach grabs headlines, creates potential victims of identity theft and calls into question the overall security of major players in the financial system. The latest cybersecurity breach offers a painful reminder of why IT security keeps most C-levels up at night. 

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CenturyLink and EagleForce Join Forces to Reduce Opioid Abuse


As deaths from drug overdose intensifies, real-time prescription-tracking technology is offering local, state and federal governments new hope for stopping one of the early causes of the crisis — the over-prescribing, and diversion of opioid prescriptions — in its tracks.

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Making Multi-Cloud Work for Your Enterprise… Step by Step


The days of the single cloud are gone. This change is driven by the breadth of technology options, potential cost savings, and the need for business agility.  However, enterprises making the move to multi-cloud face critical choices.  The failure to consider common risks can diminish or even eliminate the benefits of multi-cloud.

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What Comes Next: Future-Proof Your IT Infrastructure


Today’s wide-area network is being challenged like never before. These environments are required to handle an unprecedented volume of data – adjusting for customer demands in real-time while staying on the cutting edge of innovation. The ultimate goal is agility, aligning resources for whatever challenge comes next.

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