Case Study in Modernizing Network Operations


In an era of digital transformation, every business is a technology business. Even industries founded long ago to deal with the logistics of the physical world must adopt new technologies to drive efficiency and profits in today’s economy. Our work with Koch Trucking showcases how one company used SD-WAN to transform their network operations at a low cost.

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Move to the cloud: Unify public sector communications with UCaaS


Every organization has similar questions as they embark on digital transformation initiatives, even if some of their answers might differ. Two of those key questions are: What legacy systems can I move to the cloud first? And how do I utilize the cloud securely?

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Best Cloud (and Multi-Cloud) Reads of 2017


A glance at the agenda for any industry conference will tell you that cloud strategies were a huge IT topic in 2017, and the traffic here at ThinkGig was no exception. It is clear from our readers that the conversation has shifted from being simply about public vs. private vs. hybrid cloud to how manage workloads across your many clouds

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A Transformative Year: Best Blogs of 2017 on Digital Transformation


As 2017 draws to a close, it is worth looking back at what topics garnered the most interest over the past year. We covered many different aspects of digital transformation in the past 12 months – from how to build your strategy to highlights from our global study of enterprises with 451 Research to tips for overcoming roadblocks. Here were the ten that rose to the top:

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Software Defined Anything


Software-Defined Networking – as a technology approach – is not really new. Companies from all over the globe have been talking about SDN for almost a decade now. But its impact is still growing and changing the dynamic of how IT professionals do their jobs and how network decisions affect the business.

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Digital Transformation for Competitive Advantage


Earlier this year, we asked companies “What is the single biggest threat to your business?” The consensus across the board was that digital technology is transforming the competitive landscape. Companies such as Amazon, Airbnb, Uber, and Ally Bank are turning industries on their heads by utilizing digital technology to fundamentally change the way they deliver services and engage with customers. While this initially presents a threat to traditional markets, it also opens up a range of opportunities for companies willing to rethink how they do business. How far are you willing to go to make your company competitive in this era of digital revolution?

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It’s All in the Clouds


For many, when you mention the term “clouds,” they think of hurricanes, tornadoes and storms. In aviation, pilots are trained to never fly into a cloud as they can often destroy the plane. To help pilots and those earthbound, meteorologists help guide them and others to safety.

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The CIOs Journey to the Cloud: Cloud Hero or Cloud Zero?


Like most human capacities, IT capabilities do not come in only two varieties: good or bad. They exist on a continuum of proficiency. When you are just starting out on your digital transformation strategy you won’t be a hero at everything. But you can get better at the things you choose to develop your proficiency in and progress across the continuum from zero to hero.

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