Case Study: Life Time Builds a Healthy Way of Life with Technology


Like most large enterprises today, the core strength of Life Time is its brand and the key to making that brand successful is the digital technology that supports its entire business from the back office to the gym floor. Life Time relies on integrated, managed digital solutions from CenturyLink to provide reliable network access for its members, access to state-of-the-art fitness tools for its trainers, and a secure, reliable data solution for the entire enterprise. This digital transformation gives the popular fitness brand a competitive edge in an increasingly data-driven and bandwidth dependent business.

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Hybrid Networking is the Foundation of Digital Transformation


Connecting resources across your enterprise has never been more critical to the success of a business. Increasingly, corporations are turning to innovative technologies to transform how they connect all the pieces of their businesses from corporate resources and assets all the way down to the customers they serve in a quest for differentiation, efficiency and competitive advantage.

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WannaCry: A Cybersecurity Wakeup Call


In this blog series, we’ve been talking about government IT as being on a journey, a road trip. And that analogy works for discussing cybersecurity. If some good can come from the recent global ransomware attack, I am hoping it provides a wakeup call for cybersecurity efforts in state and local government. While the dust continues to settle from this latest hack, we cannot lose sight of the fact that another one is somewhere down the road… and another after that.

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Optimize Workloads and Costs Across Any Cloud


True hybrid cloud enablement invariably allows customers to easily optimize across multiple environments — physical and cloud — with the ability to select, provision, migrate, monitor, scale and also consolidate the billing of multiple-cloud instances via a single centralized platform. The idea is to efficiently, economically and strategically spin workloads, not heads.

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5 Tips to Help You Transition to VoIP and UC&C


Business success demands agility, and nowhere is this more critical than communications and collaboration. On the verge of an unprecedented digital transformation, companies are required to become more flexible and respond to customers in real-time. Unfortunately, legacy systems often restrict organizations from keeping pace with the changing needs of their customers and partners.

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Transform Your Digital Future with CenturyLink at HPE Discover


Digital transformation is no longer a competitive advantage. It’s table stakes. Accelerating the transformation to create value faster with more flexibility is the name of the game. And if that’s the game you’re in, we hope you will be at HPE Discover in Las Vegas to talk with us about how we can equip you to be the catalyst for change in your organization, speeding and simplifying your digital transformation.

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Give Your Digital Transformation Strategy a Gut Check


It’s hard to find a business that’s not on the road to digital transformation. While many know it’s a competitive necessity, it’s not as easy to recognize the best way to get there. With a relatively new set of technologies and a dizzying array of options, finding the right direction can be daunting. Plus, aligning that direction with your existing IT priorities can be just as difficult.

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A Shining Light: CenturyLink Managed Security Services


If you ask the typical CIO to rank what keeps them up at night, chances are cybersecurity would top the list. The burgeoning digital transformation and critical nature of business data makes companies particularly vulnerable – as hackers attempt to capture, disrupt and compromise sensitive information. The FBI estimates more than 4,000 ransomware attacks currently impact businesses each and every day.

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