Journey to the Cloud: Accelerating Digital Transformation

The benefits that come from accelerating down the road to the cloud are clear, ranging from improving agility and increasing flexibility to minimizing large capital expenditures and strengthening security. A new infographic by CenturyLink and VMware illuminates the crossroads of critical decisions facing IT professionals tasked with navigating the twists and turns of their company’s journey toward digital transformation. Among them are choices of location, time to value, cloud security, costs versus efficiency, and finding the right mix of support and expertise. As you see below, key decisions could very well determine whether a company ends up leading the pack, or is left behind in their competitor’s dust.

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4 Considerations To Modernize Your Network

Raise your eyes from the screen for a moment and look at the light switch on the wall. Can’t get much simpler than that device. One moving part. Every child knows how to use it. And it’s rare that it doesn’t work.

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Key Takeaways from Enterprise Connect 2018

For those who couldn’t make it to Enterprise Connect 2018 this year, the key takeaway is that Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) is at the tipping point. Technologies are starting to come together as customers understand what impact they really want to make. Enterprises that embraced digital disruption are now far enough along on their digital transformation journey that they’re ready to solve specific issues and are beginning to pull ahead of the pack.

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The Benefits of SD-WAN for Your Retail Locations

“I’m sorry, the system is slow today.” How often have your salespeople or clerks said this phrase when trying to complete a sale or check if something is in stock? Not only does this reflect poorly on your brand, but it can actually cost you sales, turning off potential customers who are waiting for service.

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Reengineering Healthcare Requires the Right Focus

Digital transformation can pave the way to increased agility, operational efficiency and enhanced customer experience. For healthcare organizations, building a digital first culture is becoming a requirement. Providers who want to remain relevant and continue to serve patients are embracing the benefits of digital disruption in response to the acceleration of industry change.

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Ultimate Campus Experiences: Smart Stadiums

Far from being too cool for school, IoT-connected smart stadiums are improving game day experiences for students while optimizing operations for campus staff. A recent Center for Digital Education (CDE) survey of 138 higher education officials found that even beyond improving overall fan experiences and streamlining operations, Internet of Things (IoT) can make a significant impact in campus safety and security. 

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Risk: Catalyst, Roadblock, or Goal in Digital Transformation?

We have been living in a world of digital disruption for more than two decades, but the new digital economy is redefining the rules of the game. This economy is defined by shared, collaborative, and on-demand services fueled by mobile, cloud, artificial intelligence, big data, and other emerging technologies. Businesses that are accustom to being market leaders and outpacing the competition are finding themselves quickly falling behind – or worse – heading toward going out of business altogether. Recent headlines show several highly recognized companies just couldn’t keep up with the new digital economy.  Conversely, companies such as Uber and AirBnB utilized digital technology to transform century-old business models to become the world’s largest taxi service and the world’s largest accommodation provider in under a decade.

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Transforming Government: UC&C Answers the Call

Is your agency or organization still using separate applications for voice, instant messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing and other essential functions? If I were to choose just one example of a robust technology solution that could benefit almost every government agency and organization for the better today, the first solution that comes to mind is Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C).

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