Hit the Big Data and Analytics Easy Button with BDaaS


There is an emerging need for data analytics processing services to be delivered in the cloud.  Big Data cloud services deliver greater agility and elasticity so you can more quickly and easily keep up with your organization’s growing data demands. Working in the cloud accelerates implementation timelines, reduces infrastructure costs and gives you the benefit of simpler pay-as-you-go pricing models.  The net–net for you is higher data performance for advanced analytics that can scale as your needs change.

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Hybrid IT: All it Takes is a Little Balance


Fans of popular board games have surely played one of the games of skill where players are required to prevent a stack of wooden blocks from falling after players remove one piece at a time. The trick is balance, as each must compensate for the other. It demands the right combination of strategy, precision, and skill to win – because one wrong move means the whole thing comes tumbling down. Sound familiar? Typical CIOs see it every day.

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So Many Clouds, So Little Time


The growing adoption of the cloud is turning into a proliferation of “clouds” as IT strategies encompass different approaches to IaaS, SaaS and PaaS. Global enterprises are using cloud computing resources from multiple providers. However, not all cloud environments are the same. The strengths, native feature sets and security attributes of one cloud might fit a particular application better than another, forcing IT organizations to take on the complex task of managing multiple applications across multiple cloud environments. They do so for a variety of reasons including increased agility and flexibility as well as optimizing costs in a growing application ecosystem. To better help enterprises manage infrastructure across cloud providers and application stacks, CenturyLink is launching the Cloud Application Manager. It is an automated platform to standardize how organizations can model and deploy applications, in addition to invoking CenturyLink Managed Services for applications and cloud infrastructures across any environment. This platform also pulls forward insights into utilization, permissions, workspaces and cost.

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Cybersecurity Insights – Coming to a City Near You!


Protecting business assets has never been more difficult or more costly — there’s not enough skilled security personnel, there’s too much log data to analyze, you lack 24/7 monitoring, the contextual impact of threats to your business may be unclear and budget is far from unlimited. If you are like most organizations, you are spending more than ever on cybersecurity but you still have not satisfactorily addressed the risk.

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The New Digital Reality: Step Up Your Game


While the phrase is familiar, what does it really mean? Digital transformations have the power to change the way companies do business. For years analysts have touted its arrival, but the market’s been slow to catch up. And while there’s still a long way to go, the industry has now reached a point where adoption is actively happening. That means CIOs must step up their game.

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3 Tips for Evaluating Your SD-WAN Strategy

TG_SDWAN_Adoption_Blog_900x310 (1)

Hybrid WANs make deploying and supporting bandwidth-intensive applications easier. However, they also bring added complexity as different transport methods and vendors are introduced into your network architecture. Internet connections specifically require additional infrastructure, policies, management and oversight. This is where SD-WAN comes into play as a potential solution to your WAN management challenges.  SD-WAN applies the concept of software-defined networking (SDN) technology to wide area network (WAN) connections.

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Want an Omnichannel Shopping Experience? Don’t Forget Your Network


Omnichannel retail involves delivering a seamless shopping experience across web, mobile, instore, mail order and phone channels. Working with many retailers in our business, we felt the subject was relevant and timely. Indeed, as online competition heats up and a surprising 58% of retailers found that changing customer preferences and behaviors were negatively affecting their businesses,[1] making omnichannel experiences a strategic mandate for retail.

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Don’t Touch That Dial! Transform Your Infrastructure


Any fan of late night TV is surely familiar with the infommercial. These programs are everywhere touting the latest gadget or gizmo. “Don’t touch that dial!” announcers proclaim. Following simple steps, any viewer is sure to transform their lives with the newest product. Unfortunately, real life is a little more complex than that. True success demands a solid commitment, a great deal of trial-and-error, and proper implementation. Just ask any CIO.

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