Digital Connect: How to Pick the Right IT Partner

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On Digital Connect this week, we welcome back Scott Brindamour, senior director of advanced technology solutions at CenturyLink. In this episode, we continue our discussion about digital transformation, this time focusing on a new IT operating model and how it can help accelerate the transformation process. Scott also shares a couple of CenturyLink partnership success stories along with tips on how to pick the right partner for modernizing IT.

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The Path to Smart Cities Starts with a Single Step


The journey to wisdom is often described as walking a path rather than passing through a door. Paths call for steady, mundane, incremental advancement; doors indicate instantaneous arrival – you’re in one place then another with no transition period.

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New Digital Transformation Insights from 451 Research

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Knowledge is power. But knowledge is also speed, which is more critical than ever as enterprises in just about every industry feel pressure to respond quickly to today’s unprecedented digital disruption. By learning more about how enterprises are approaching and successfully navigating digital transformation, we can better help our customers do the same.

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Strategic Partnerships Provide a Model for Building Mutual Value Through Alliances


The need to provide seamless connectivity and always-on network reliability has become increasingly important with the rampant growth rate of data consumption. According to figures in Cisco’s 2017 Visual Networking Index (VNI) Complete Forecast, annual global IP traffic will reach 3.3 ZB (Zettabytes) by 2021, an increase from 1.2 ZB in 2016. To give you a sense of the magnitude of this, 1 ZB is the equivalent to data on 250 billion DVDs. We’re looking at a 3x increase in five years – and a 127x increase since 2005!

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Success Through Simplification: Harnessing the Power of Cisco Meraki


Success through simplification. That’s the key to the world’s most powerful IT networks. While today’s infrastructures are more advanced than ever before, true business value is only derived by eliminating complexity from the enterprise.

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When Ransomware Strikes…What’s Your Backup Plan?


In the wake of one of the most recent ransomware threats, IT security experts are already re-emphasizing the number one rule of data protection – never pay attackers.  Most IT leaders agree – sending money to release data creates bigger problems down the road – labelling “soft targets” and perpetuating criminal behavior. When cyberattacks like WannaCry hit your business, it’s best to have a data backup plan.

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Your CenturyLink Quick Guide to Cisco Live 2017


We can drive change or be driven by it. At this year’s Cisco Live event in Las Vegas, June 25 to 29, CenturyLink is rocking booth 2915, showing firsthand the transformational tools you need to be the catalyst for change in your organization. You’ll find our all-star CenturyLink Enterprise Business team ready to roll up our sleeves and talk you through speeding up and simplifying your digital transformation.

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Help Wanted: Filling the Cybersecurity Skills Gap


If you believe the hype (and you should!), businesses are being overwhelmed by cybersecurity threats. Whether challenged by the latest malware or a DDoS onslaught, only those companies fully staffed and prepared come out unscathed. By some estimates, more than 460,000 pieces of ransomware were detected last year – with the average demand amount equaling $1,000. The recent “WannaCry” ransomware is a perfect example of how quickly vulnerabilities can be exploited by malware and how much damage can be done.

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