Cybersecurity: The Only Constant is Change


The technology universe is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. A proliferation of data coupled with strategic models such as cloud and hybrid IT create advanced possibilities for industries – re-defining the potential for agility and efficiency. But these great opportunities also introduce a new world of risk. Every day, the digital infrastructure is targeted with new cyberthreats – including advanced hacks, phishing or even DDoS. For those in cybersecurity, the only true constant is change.

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Mark Your Calendars – Digital Transformation is Coming


The message is coming through loud and clear: As digital technologies evolve, businesses must start aligning for an unprecedented transformation – or risk being left behind. Every segment of an organization is impacted by Digital Transformation, from business strategy to IT resources. And the shift goes beyond technology, as this evolution is key to accelerating revenue and advancing innovation.

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Make the Perfect Match: Aligning Key Workloads with Cloud


While making the perfect match is never easy, the answer is usually based on simple equations. The term “Matching Theory” is defined by a unique mathematical framework that results from ideal pairings. It’s the process of two elements coming together to advance their combined potential. This is becoming especially important as the world goes digital.

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What Companies Need to Learn About Cybersecurity


In this exclusive keynote delivered to a group of top Chief Information Security Officers, CenturyLink CSO Dave Mahon explains how security executives can work more effectively with senior business leaders and members of the Board to improve their company’s overall cybersecurity posture.   

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A Guide to Transforming Government IT


It is easy to see change as an event. Something happens and things are different, like you walked through a door into an entirely different environment. Government IT knows this type of change well. Change is predictable and has a calendar all its own based on elections and appropriation cycles. You know when to expect this type of change and after one or two cycles you learn how to deal with it.

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IT Security Enters the Boardroom

Cybersecurity. Business meeting security. Concept business illustration. Vector flat

Not too long ago, IT issues such as cybersecurity and data protection were reserved for the back office – and rarely considered by organizations in driving revenue and aligning market strategy. These efforts even ran independent of mainstream activities like increased bandwidth or advanced innovation.

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Freeing You to Transform Faster


The changing technology landscape is shaping new business models, empowering global companies to work faster and serve customers more efficiently. This shift is powered by a massive digital transformation and supported by unprecedented volumes of data. Across the globe, organizations are beginning to align for the digital road that lies ahead.

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Solve Your Top WAN Challenges

CenturyLink_Infogram_SDWAN_v2 copy

Digital transformation is putting intense pressure on networks and infastructure to be more flexible, agile and responsive. Most legacy infrastructures weren’t built for the agility that modern businesses require. Branch offices are at the front lines of customer interaction, and it’s here the impact of these digital transformations are felt most. With high expectations for quality service via new digital channels, branch networks are under increasing pressure to perform.

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