4 Steps to Ensure IT Security in the Cloud

200by200securitythumbprintFor companies of all sizes — and increasingly, governments — adopting cloud computing for IT services makes business sense. The cost savings, efficiency, and flexibility are just too impressive to ignore.

But, despite the benefits and rising cloud prevalence, some security professionals still have concerns, particularly regarding identity, data, and visibility. And whether it’s public, private or hybrid cloud, it all starts with the people you bring on to support your organization.

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Why It’s Time to Consider Hybrid IT [INFOGRAPHIC]

From improved agility and flexibility, to cost-savings and faster delivery of business applications, business executives are looking at sourcing even the most critical enterprise applications in the cloud. And IT departments are learning quickly that public cloud service providers are not able to meet the requirements necessary to host mission-critical business applications.

In fact, many companies — for regulatory or other requirements — need certain data and applications to remain on premise. Others need the ability to better manage high-production workloads and add capabilities as the needs arise. And many want the ability to respond quickly to business demands.

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The Week in Links: Big Data Is No Longer the Biggest Deal

Welcome to “The Week in Links,” where we’ll feature a series of business and tech-focused articles that really got people talking this week.

  • What’s new with the Internet of Things?
  • How can hybrid cloud help governments better engage with citizens?
  • Why should retailers take a good look at location-based technology?

The answers to these questions, as well as the latest on other important business and IT trends, are discussed in this week’s articles. Read on:

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From Fad to Fundamental: The Evolving Applications of Tech Trends

dronestechWhat do you get when you cross 200-mph winds, thousands of bytes of data, and one unmanned aerial vehicle?

The perfect storm.

A recent Forbes article outlines the latest in hurricane forecasting technology: A three-foot disposable drone nicknamed “The Coyote” as part of the the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s research initiative. This small but powerful bot will circumvent the storm, streaming a constant feed of data showcasing the way energy collects in the heart of a tempest.

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Meeting Connectivity Demands of Tech-Centered Schools

classroomtechThere’s no doubt that technology is constantly transforming education. From tablets and smartboards in the classroom to online learning tools stored in the cloud, schools, teachers and parents understand the need for proper funding to keep these programs running.

Thanks to recent news of the Federal Communications Commission approving changes to the E-Rate program, which provides discounted telecommunications, Internet access, and internal connections to eligible schools and libraries. The move means Wi-Fi funding is set to increase $1 billion a year over the next two years, and will see an annual “funding target” for that amount for years after that.

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Why Your Business Needs Its Own App Store

Welcome SXSWPressingModernResizeto Fresh Tech Market. May I take your order?

Yes, I’ll have the CDN package with 2GB of private peering, but hold the IPv4. I only need IPv6, and my two developers will have their own instance of hyperscale cloud. Also, does the cloud provide Hadoop support for my Apache Environment? If so, please add block storage, and add 300GB on one and 100GB on the other. Then I will have a combo of proactive DDOS and network-based firewall.

This conversation might sound out-there in terms of IT application marketplaces. But is it?

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How To Harness The Cloud For Business Success: Tips From Structure 2014

Cloud cover. That’s the technology forecast at many enterprises.

And it’s a good thing, because as more IT resources become cloud-based, businesses see more agility, mobility, cost savings, and competitive advantages. To see the most benefit, however, IT and business leaders must be sure they have the infrastructure needed to handle this increased cloud use.

A good place to start? GigaOM’s Structure 2014 conference, being held this week in San Francisco. Attendees — and those following along online — will dive into some important IT questions for enterprises, particularly related to infrastructure, hybrid clouds, and app security. Let’s take a look:

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Success in Store for Retailers Embracing Technology

Technology is inherent in online retail. From start to finish, online merchants rely on tech and data to make sales — and keep selling.

When it comes to brick-and-mortar retail, however, innovation and commerce haven’t always been so connected. But traditional retailers have been making strides, using technology to improve the in-store customer experience. And, in turn, their bottom lines.

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