IT Infrastructure 2020: Get Ready for Smart and Connected Cities [INFOGRAPHIC]

As cities continue to grow more populous, their IT infrastructure needs are becoming more complex. Government leaders are calling for better systems to manage and use vast amounts of data to serve constituents.

Already, more than half of the global population lives in cities that collectively cover less than 2 percent of the planet’s land cover. To ensure sustainable and livable urban areas, IT infrastructure must adapt.

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Protect Your Business With Cloud

Every once in a while we are reminded in a very dramatic way how unforeseen events can wreak havoc on businesses.  With the heavy dependency businesses have on their IT and networks, any interruption to these services is difficult to cope with – there are simply no longer any manual back-up systems in place. The 2012 Sandy storm, which disrupted thousands of businesses for many weeks, is a solid example of how large weather systems, natural disasters, travel disruptions and power outages can severely impact businesses or even force them to close. 

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What Will Your Corporate Data Center Look Like in 2020? [INFOGRAPHIC]

The rise in cloud computing is bringing about an evolution in business IT structures, particularly when it comes to the data center. The data center of 2013 has become smaller, more agile, and more powerful than those of several years ago.

But what will we see in 2020? Will companies still run their own data centers, or will the transition to cloud infrastructure render the corporate data center obsolete? Take a look at what the experts have to say:

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Mobility and the Enterprise: How is Business Technology Adapting?

It would be impossible to talk about the state of the enterprise today without including mobility and how it’s leading to a host of changes — in marketing, technology and app development, BYOD, and the workforce.

Mobility trends in the enterprise might not always mirror those of consumers as a whole, but nevertheless, business users “want a seamless, integrated experience that allows them to be as productive on the go as they are on their desktop or laptop,” says Christy Wyatt, CEO and president of Good Technology, which surveys business customers in its Mobility Index.

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Big Data and Sports: A Winning Strategy

When the final two teams face off soon for the NBA finals, one thing that probably won’t get a lot of attention amid all the hoopla is the role Big Data likely played for the organizations.

But the NBA and other professional sports organizations are very much like traditional businesses: They are always seeking ways to improve the bottom line, get ahead of the competition, and offer value to their customers and stakeholders. And, increasingly, Big Data is crucial to achieving success.

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An Interactive Look at Connected Devices in 2020 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether it’s the Internet of Things and the rising connectivity among devices, or the use of wireless connections for machine-to-machine applications, you might be considering how this technology affects you and your organization.

It’s important to know the sharing of valuable data by devices is expected to become an almost $1 trillion industry by 2020, according to a report by the Carbon War Room. And in the next seven years, we’ll be measuring the growth in connected devices in more than just dollars. The following is a glimpse of what this technology might mean for your business in the future:

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WIRED Conference: ‘Think Bigger’ to See Business Success

For many business leaders, a willingness to embrace new technologies and big ideas is key to seeing success in their organizations.

This message was emphasized recently at the annual WIRED Business Conference in New York, which centered on the theme “Think Bigger” and discussed ways to reinvent business with the help of new technologies.

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10 Years of iTunes: Digital Music Paves Way for Cloud-based Music Industry

Music has its share of pioneers – acts such as Elvis, The Beatles, and Michael Jackson –  who left their mark by initiating great change in what people listen to. But there’s anotherpioneer that, in the past 10 years, has sparked a revolution in how we listen to music.

This week, that technological pioneer, Apple’s iTunes, celebrates its 10-year anniversary. So it’s an appropriate time for us to look at how this technology and its successors in the  cloud have changed both the way we consume music and the industry itself.

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