What 100 Gbps Means for Your Business

It’s no secret that businesses are consuming more data than ever, thanks to the prevalence of cloud computing and mobile traffic. Add to that the ever-growing Big Data needs, and organizations are seeing unprecedented demands on their networks.

In its July 2012 Visual Networking Index, Cisco reported a rapid increase in networking demand from many sources but mainly streaming media. It also estimates an annual growth rate of 29 percent for IP traffic through 2016.

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Top Business Technology Resolutions for 2013

A new year is approaching, and with it come the inevitable conversations about resolutions. When it comes to IT, there are certainly some goals your organization will be considering for the next 12 months and beyond.

We’ve discussed a host of IT and business tips this year, and wanted to revisit some of the top best practices for your business to take advantage of in 2013.

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IT in 2012: A Look Back at the Top Trends

Though cloud computing dominated many IT conversations this year, there was plenty else to talk about in the tech world. And talk you did.

We analyzed the articles you clicked on, retweeted and mentioned on Twitter to come up with the top IT stories that you, the folks on the front lines, deemed most important in 2012 for business. Let’s take a look:

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Cloud Makes it OK to Fail

As we’ve discussed before, the role of the CIO is constantly evolving in today’s tech environment, but so is business as a whole. So, how should business leaders position their organizations for success in this increasingly cloud-prevalent world?

For a company to thrive, it must seek agility and innovation. We know those are business buzzwords but they are important when it comes to the business environment we will enter over the next few years. Agility will be important to integrate technology, and innovation will be needed to make organizational changes that blend information technology more closely with the lines of business.

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How Will Technology Impact Your Business in 2020? [EBOOK]

Human-like technology. The potential downfall of the data center. Hyper-personalization of data. These are some of the responses IT leaders gave to us when we asked, “What will business technology look like in 2020?”

In 2020, tech experts say, computers could learn from experience, much like the human brain. The end of the data center as we know it might arrive. And technology will know the most important things about us to help us become more productive.

Download the Business Technology Ebook

In our new ebook, Business Technology 2020, the experts — who represent organizations such as Intel, IBM, Frost and Sullivan, Aberdeen, ATLANTIC-ACM and Current Analysis and more — also cover topics that include the cloud, health care, cognitive computing and the role of the CIO, giving a holistic preview of how technology will impact your business in and leading up to 2020.

Download it today!

Do you agree with the experts’ predictions? How do you think technology will impact your business/role in 2020? We want to hear from you! Join the Twitter conversation by following us @CenturyLinkBiz and by using the hashtag #biztech2020.

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Let Technology Be Your Guide to 2020

What will business technology look like in 2020? That’s the question we asked some of the industry’s top IT leaders for our forthcoming ebook, “Business Technology 2020.”

Of course, cloud is a part of the answer. However, in 2020, we will be talking about cloud much differently than we do today. I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you my vision for business technology in 2020.

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How to Prepare for the Cost of BYOD

There’s no denying the prevalence of the Bring Your Own Device movement and the advantages it offers organizations by promoting worker productivity with anytime, anywhere access. But some organizations might forget to think about all the costs associated with BYOD — costs related to management and security that can set a company back much more than the potential savings BYOD achieves.

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Three Ways to Get Your Organization in the Big Data Game

When it comes to Big Data, your organization could be missing out on key advantages to find and keep customers. Businesses today are producing and processing masses of data — at breadths, depths and velocities never seen before — and they’re using the information collected for competitive advantage with customers. But many organizations might not fully recognize the value of all the data being managed. In fact, only 37 percent of IT and business managers are familiar with the Big Data concept, according to CompTIA’s recent “Big Data Insights and Opportunities” study.

But according to the latest research, organizations that use analytics, and use them creatively—finding interesting patterns and following them down the rabbit hole, as data scientist Bill Franks says — are the ones reaping value.

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