Mobile Matters: Three Factors for Moving App Development Forward

With organizations seeking new ways to increase productivity, they are turning more and more toward mobility, diving into the Bring Your Own Device movement and, increasingly, making application development a priority.

In fact companies worldwide will spend $9 billion by the end of the year on application development software, a 1.8 percent increase from last year, according to a recent Gartner study. Additionally, projects to enable mobility will make up 80 percent of all development activities by 2015.

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How Much Is Your Data Center Really Costing You? [INFOGRAPHIC]

We understand that increased data usage and the adoption of cloud environments are putting a strain on your current data center requirements. And for those of you who are still running your own data centers, the costs and growth are just going to continue to increase. In fact, according to, you’re probably already paying $450,000 a year for 5 IT managers to run your data center 24/7/365, and that number is just going to get bigger as your business and data needs grow.

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Is the CIO Role Shrinking? Three Ways to Secure the Spotlight

With more organizations turning to the cloud and third-party providers for data and network infrastructure services, technology leaders are seeing changes to their responsibilities and roles within the company like never before.

It’s no wonder CIOs are looking for more efficient technology. With technical operations, internal business needs, the mobile workforce, the influx of the BYOD, and business-capable Web applications, IT leaders have a full plate.

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CenturyLink and Savvis: Network Backs the Cloud

We talk a lot about the cloud and data centers here at ThinkGig, covering everything from the technology benefits to looking ahead to what’s new. In my new role in charge of product and marketing for CenturyLink’s Enterprise Markets Group, one of the questions I get asked most is how the acquisition is going and how Savvis’ cloud offerings fit into CenturyLink’s network solutions. I had the opportunity to talk to Sean Buckley at FierceTelecom about this very topic and wanted to share the article with you.

We also covered various industry hot topics such as: What is the difference between private, public and hybrid cloud? Here is an overview of my response to that question:

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Five Security Questions to Ask Your Cloud Provider

You’ve done your research, and you know that moving cloud environment can bring your organization a host of benefits, including boosting the all-important bottom line and business agility. You’ve taken stock of your tech inventory to make sure the integration between your existing technology and the cloud is properly handled.

Now you’re ready to make the move, but there are a few concerns that you need addressed before taking the leap. Perhaps you’re like 55 percent of respondents to a 2012 Future of Cloud Survey who still cite unease over cloud security. Or, you’re concerned about the safety of your confidential data in the cloud, and who’s responsible for that safety. According to the recent survey “Encryption in the Cloud,” 44 percent of respondents said they thought the primary responsibility for data security was with the cloud provider, and only 30 percent thought the primary responsibility was with the data owner.

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IaaS Case Study: Securing the Cloud

We’ve talked about security challenges and how banks and financial organizations might cash in with Big Data, but what about the cloud? Is it best to look for your solution cloud infrastructure first and then add on the necessary security, or shop for both at the same time?

Recently, Gartner published a report entitled, “Case Study: Securing the Cloud.” The analyst firm describes its case study as follows: “A Europe-headquartered global financial services company used processor-intensive, dynamic data analytics applications to process complex information and provide the results to financial analysts. The application handled multiple types of data — some very sensitive — and the output of the application was business-critical information….The application supports about 5,000 global users.”

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Ready for Cloud? Three Tips to Avoid a ‘Cloud Done Wrong’

Is your organization taking the plunge and adopting cloud technology to gain a competitive advantage? If so, you’re not alone: Eight in 10 companies are using some form of cloud technology, a recent survey of 500 IT decision-makers by IT industry association CompTIA shows.

Adopting cloud technology is a great move, but it’s not the end-all.

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Enterprises Already Seeing the Benefits of Managed Services

Businesses today are facing many challenges, but some of those organizations have found the answer at least to one of those challenges: How to best manage IT in today’s ever-changing market.

So what’s the answer? We’ve talked about organizations moving toward network managed services for improved network performance and reduced cost of ownership, but what about managed hosting and data center services? A recent study by The Aberdeen Group found that of those using a Managed Services Provider (MSP), 75% of those surveyed had used MSPs for more than a year and were already reporting the benefits.

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